3 things to know about Symantec’s new licensing offering

Earlier this month, Symantec released its new Enterprise Subscription Agreement (SESA). Today I’ll answer your three most pressing questions about the announcement and provide information to help you understand and leverage the new program.

1. What is the Symantec Enterprise Subscription Agreement?

The SESA is a three-year contractual licensing agreement for Symantec security products available to organizations with 250+ users. The agreement allows organizations to optimize security spend, standardize on solutions from one trusted vendor, and simplify license management.

2. What’s included in the Symantec Enterprise Subscription Agreement?

The Symantec Enterprise Solution (SES) is available as part of the SESA. SES combines products to provide multiple layers of protection for mobile, endpoint, and mail and web infrastructure.

The solution integrates a number of key security products to protect your data wherever it resides. It includes three main layers of defense.

The first layer of defense protects an organization’s endpoints (e.g., employee mobile devices) and includes solutions such as App Center Basic, Client Management Suite, System Recovery Desktop, Endpoint Protection, and Drive Encryption.

Layer two of defense protects mail systems, utilizing Mail Security for Exchange or Mail Security for Domino.

And the third layer of defense protects your gateways. Applied at the network perimeter, solutions such as Web Gateway and Messaging Gateway regulate the flow of information into and out of your organization.

Symantec Enterprise Subscription Agreement

3. What does the Symantec Enterprise Subscription Agreement mean for you?

The SESA for Symantec Enterprise Solution guarantees predictable pricing, reduces threats to your network environment, controls access to the network, and ensures business continuity. It also adds integration, ease of deployment, and simplification for IT admins, allowing IT directors to free up resources for new projects and drive down costs.

For more information on the SESA, download our Symantec Enterprise Solution data sheet or reach out to your SHI Account Executive.

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