Eye spy a spaceship, and other staff picks

Happy Friday! Here are the most interesting tech stories we read this week.

These 3D-printed sunglasses will fit your oddly-shaped head (Alexandria H.)

Choosing sunglasses is tricky business. There are a ton of styles and shapes to fit anyone’s taste but unfortunately, not always your face. A team based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts has the capability to design custom sunglasses that are guaranteed to fit your face perfectly. No more cheek-touching frames or glasses that slip off your nose. All that’s required is a 3D scan of your head and the team goes to work. The only downside to these custom shades is the price tag, $229 a pop, but for a perfect-fitting pair of glasses, it may be worth it.

This startup turns your complaining tweets into big opportunities for companies to shower you with gifts (Alexandria H.)

It’s not uncommon for people to vent their frustrations on Twitter when a company or service provider makes a mistake at their expense. I know I have. Now, social analytics company SocialRank is harnessing the tweets of disgruntled customers and turning them into a lead gen tool for other businesses. For example, if you’re stranded at the airport because your car service never showed up, your angry tweet may find itself in front of a competing car company ready to offer you a ride home at a discounted rate. Who knew there would come a day when social media could actually solve your problems!

Futuristic Apple ‘spaceship’ headquarters to open in April (Read by Camillia S.)

If you find yourself in Cupertino, California in April, you may want to take a look at the real-life spaceship that Apple employees will call home. The last vision of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs, Apple Park includes a 2.8 million-square-foot, ring-shaped building that will run entirely on renewable energy. Construction began in 2011, and employees will start moving in in April, though it’ll take six months for everyone to move. Some parts of the facility will even be open to the public. I find it quite heart-warming that this is the final creation of Jobs and also bittersweet that he didn’t live to see it. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to Cupertino, but I can’t wait to see pictures of the final product.

The easiest ways to prevent the eyestrain caused by staring at screens, according to ophthalmologists (Read by Heidi B.)

If your eyes are irritated by the end of the work day, you’re not alone. Many people experience dry, blurry, itchy eyes thanks to our nearly constant exposure to screens, but for most of us it isn’t realistic to eliminate screens from our lives. So what’s an office worker to do? This article explores simple ways to avoid eyestrain, from using eye drops to keep your eyes moist to properly adjusting your monitor’s brightness, and everything in between. If you frequently find yourself in front of screens (who doesn’t?), check out this article – your peepers will thank you!

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