The importance of green data centers on Earth Day – and every day

Last year, data center providers signed contracts for over 1.2 gigawatts of renewable energy, proving that energy efficiency in IT isn’t just an Earth Day promise—it’s an everyday action!

By using renewable power sources and minimizing your environmental footprint, you can save money and the environment. Virtualizing 100 servers, for example, can have a benefit equivalent to planting 89 trees.

But knowing exactly what “green” means can be a challenge. What impact do data centers actually have on the environment? And how can you take advantage of green practices within your own company? Our Green Data Center infographic can answer your most pressing questions about environmental impact and IT.

Still want to learn more about how to make your data center environmentally friendly? Contact your SHI account executive for information about our Asset Recovery Services as well as our own IT sustainability initiatives.


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