Apple Team Manager
Adam Reiser is the Apple Team Manager in SHI’s Hardware and Advanced Solutions department. He’s been with the company since 2004 and now manages a team of Apple sales specialists, solutions experts, and configuration technicians. Adam’s focus is on mobility, and he holds Apple iOS and OS technical certifications.
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Abdulai Abu-Bakarr SPLA Program Manager
SPLA Program Manager
Abdulai Abu-Bakarr is the SPLA Program Manager in SHI's Software and Licensing department. He joined SHI in 2007 and has held positions in the international accounting, Microsoft operations, and the Microsoft support divisions. Abdulai is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and is also certified in software asset management.
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AWS Product Manager
Alex Beal joined SHI in 2008 and worked his way up from Inside Account Manager to Cloud Analyst to his current position as AWS Product Manager. In this role, Alex advises customers on Amazon Web Services (AWS) products and offerings, helps manage the AWS environment, and manages AWS customer agreements. He also assists in training, develops new marketing collateral, and manages the AWS sales pipeline.
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Microsoft Support and Marketing Manager
Hello everyone! My name’s Anna Chester and I’m the Microsoft Support and Marketing Manager in the Software and Licensing Department at SHI. I manage teams responsible for support resources for Microsoft. My support team handles inquiries from our reps and customers about Microsoft products and licensing, while the marketing team works to ensure that the latest Microsoft news is shared through our newsletters, webinars, e-blasts, and in-person events.
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Senior Virtualization Consultant
Hello everyone! My name's Ben Hinkle and I am a Senior Virtualization Consultant in the Professional Services Organization here at SHI. I work on further developing SHI's Workstation as a Service offering to include virtual desktops, virtual applications, and Dropbox functionality. Prior to joining SHI, I was based in Tallahassee, Fla., and worked with consulting and value-added reseller organizations in the government sector.
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Microsoft Licensing Executive Manager
Hi, I'm Blake Gollnick, currently the Microsoft Licensing Executive Manager for SHI's Software and Licensing department. I'm responsible for the management of our commercial Microsoft Licensing Executives (LEs), making me the first point of escalation for SHI's Corporate and Enterprise Account Executives, as well as ensuring our LEs are providing best-in-class support to our client base. I'm also in charge of developing and implementing strategies for an efficient and effective engagement process with the LEs.
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Financial Sales Manager
Hi there. I’m Bob Heimbrock, Financial Sales Manager for SHI International. For the past two years I have been working with Fortune 500 companies, municipal entities, and other SHI customers to develop flexible and economical financing plans that enable them to purchase the newest technology products and software to enhance their business productivity. My experience in the IT leasing field goes back much further than that, though, more than 30 years in fact. Most recently, I served a nine-year stint as the vice president of technology finance for PNC Equipment Finance. Before that, I spent two decades as the director of sales and leasing at Pomeroy IT Solutions.
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Solutions Architect, BURA (Back Up, Recovery, Archiving)
Hi, everyone! C.R. O'Brien here. My job as Solutions Architect, BURA (Back Up, Recovery, Archiving) in the Technical Pre-Sales department of SHI involves providing customers both technical assistance and recommendations in the areas of back-up and archiving solutions. I've completed a number of technical certification processes, and I'm an official Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), VMware Certified Professional (VCP), VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP), Symantec Technical Specialist (STS), and Authorized Symantec Consultant (ASC).
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Chris Ihne HP SHi
HP Imaging and Printing Business Development Manager
Chris Ihne is the HP Imaging and Printing Business Development Manager in SHI’s Hardware and Advanced Solutions department. He specializes in HP printers, multifunction printers and scanners. Chris is also an expert in managed print services, secure and mobile print solutions, and workflow solutions.
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Darlene Blake, Lenovo Team Manager, SHI
Lenovo Team Manager
Darlene Blake is the Lenovo Team Manager within SHI's Hardware and Advanced Solutions department. She manages SHI's relationship with Lenovo and acts as the liaison between the two companies. Darlene works with SHI sales specialists to provide technical support around client and server solutions, make recommendations based on organizations' unique needs, and conduct trainings on Lenovo products and programs.
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Dave Siederer, SHI
Mobility Solutions Architect
Dave Siederer here from SHI’s Hardware & Advanced Solutions department. As Mobility Solutions Architect, I have an intimate, technical familiarity with mobile operating systems and management solutions. My expertise extends across Android, BlackBerry, and Windows 8, as well as a number of mobile device management solutions. I have particularly in-depth experience with Apple, since prior to my current position, I was one of SHI’s Apple Systems Engineers, and earlier in my career, I worked for Apple as a Mac Genius.
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Printing and Imaging Sales Specialist
Hello all! I'm David Johnson, Printing and Imaging Sales Specialist at SHI. I support print solutions from a wide variety of manufacturers, including Sharp, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, OKI Data, and others, as well as SHI's MPS Partner Program for mixed printer fleets. I help customers conduct implementations ranging from single-device inquires to large engagements spanning hundreds of locations. My responsibilities include sales engagement, partner management, and coordination of implementations and rollouts.
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Creative Communications Specialist, SHI International
Creative Communications Specialist
Dianna Perez is a Creative Communications Specialist in SHI’s Communications and Marketing department. In this role, she provides graphic support and content generation for SHI communications, including the website, brochures, collateral, email distributions, presentations, events, and the SHI Blog.
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Director of Marketing and Communications
Hey everyone! I'm Ed McNamara, SHI's Director of Marketing and Communications. I'm responsible for spreading the story of SHI through every available communications medium, including electronic, print, social media, and mental telepathy -- in fact, I'm sending you a message right now. Make sure to tune in, because SHI's story has never been better!
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Erik Iversen, IT asset management (ITAM)
Director of IT Asset Management
Erik Iversen brings more than 30 years of IT software, hardware, and IT operations experience to SHI's technology asset management initiatives. He joined SHI in 2008 and currently serves as Director of IT Asset Management. Erik created and now leads SHI's Polaris team, which is dedicated to helping customers build effective and efficient technology asset management solutions, including software asset management and IT asset management. Under his guidance, Polaris has grown at an average rate of more than 100 percent per year, and now helps manage licensing of more than 1 million desktops, laptops, and servers each year.
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Fabian Dominguez, SHI
Big Data Solution Architect
Fabian Dominguez is a big data specialist with experience working with Apache Hadoop, IBM, HP, EMC, Oracle, VMWare, Splunk Tableau, and other business solutions. As a Big Data Solution Architect for SHI, Fabian provides pre-sales, technical support to the SHI sales team and customers as they pursue big data, database, or software solutions.
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Senior Solution Architect, Security
Garth Whitacre joined SHI in December 2013 as a Senior Security Architect in SHI's Enterprise Solutions Group. His responsibilities include identifying customer security requirements, selecting vendor agnostic products, integrating controls, and planning and managing lifecycle support. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst, GIAC Assessing Wireless Networks, Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA), Symantec Technical Specialist for Data Loss Prevention 11 and Network Access Control 11, an RSA Engineer for enVision and SecurID, and an RSA Archer Certified Administrator. He also holds a McAfee Accredited Channel Engineer (ACE) certification.
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Gary Kavafes, SHI
Senior Solution Architect
Gary Kavafes is a Senior Solution Architect in the Enterprise Solutions Group at SHI, and has more than 32 years of IT experience. In his position, Gary provides security solution design, implementation, consulting, and assessment services to SHI’s enterprise customers.
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Heather Sheridan, SHI
Senior Manager, Licensing Project Management
Heather Sheridan has worked for SHI for nearly 15 years, and currently serves as Senior Manager, Licensing Project Management in SHI's Software and Licensing department. Her areas of expertise include licensing operations, business analysis, and Next Generation Volume Licensing (NGVL). She works on a variety of assignments ranging from managing NGVL projects to redesigning SharePoint team sites for better usability to creating specifications for system changes and then helping developers understand and implement them. Heather is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).
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Hector Ibarraran, Apple Solutions Specialist, SHI International
Apple Solutions Specialist
Hector Ibarraran is an Apple Solutions Specialist and architect on SHI’s Mobility team. He provides technical support to SHI’s sales teams, and facilitates large technology deployments by helping enterprise and SMB customers find the perfect solution to meet their business needs.
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Jennifer Panick SHI
Jennifer Panick is a copywriter in SHI’s Marketing and Communications department, where she supports the SHI product and sales teams with marketing and communications pieces, blog posts, and other written content.
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Jessica Lemmon Symantec Team Manager for SHI
Symantec Team Manager
As Symantec Team Manager in SHI’s Software and Licensing division, Jessica Lemmon leads a team of seven dedicated Symantec professionals to assist customers in the evaluation, selection, and implementation of Symantec technologies. She’s been with SHI for more than 12 years.
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Microsoft Licensing Executive
Jessica Olson is a Microsoft, Public Sector, and LE Academic Sales Specialist within SHI's Microsoft sales support group. She joined the company in 2011 and quickly expanded her roles and responsibilities. In her current position, Jessica works with SHI representatives and customers to review the functionalities of Microsoft licensing programs and cost analysis tools, and helps customers maintain on-time license renewals and true-ups. She also evaluates Microsoft proposals and amendments, works with customers to deliver new Microsoft agreements and interpret current volume licensing contracts, and educates SHI's Microsoft sales teams on best practices for driving new business growth.
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Jim Sheridan SHI
Senior Project Manager
As Senior Program Manager in SHI’s Professional Services Organization (PSO), Jim Sheridan oversees daily operations and incentive communications, and leads the Microsoft incentive program for PSO. Jim has more than five years of experience helping customers maximize the benefits of various services-based Microsoft incentive programs to support a variety of engagements, deployments, and POCs.

He’s been with SHI for more than 15 years, holding various sales and program manager positions.
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John Giachero, SHI
Solution Architect
John Giachero is a professional pre-sales systems engineer with a strong technology background and track record of successful sales support. He serves as a Solution Architect in SHI’s Software and Licensing department, and specializes in Oracle products including SPARC Servers, ZFS Storage, Solaris, Linux, Oracle Virtualization, and MySQL. John is also a VMware Certified Professional (VCP).
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Networking Solutions Manager
Hi! I'm John McMahon, the Networking Solutions Manager in SHI's Hardware and Advanced Solutions department. I'm responsible for managing the overall presales networking practice. This includes overseeing vendor relationships, determining if vendors are qualified to partner to support SHI's networking practice, and driving the overall networking business. I also coordinate promotion, sales team alignment, sales team trainings, and managing resources.
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Jonathan Deily
Associate Consultant
Jonathan Deily is an Associate Consultant in SHI’s Professional Services Organization, Microsoft Practice. He holds a CompTIA A+ certification, and specializes in presales and delivery for Windows 2012 and Server 2003 end-of-life migrations.
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Director of Business Development, Advanced Solutions
Hi, everyone! My name is Josh Dunsky, and I'm the Director of Business Development in the Advanced Solutions department. I'm responsible for planning and supporting SHI's strategic solution offerings, helping to develop our go-to market strategies and presales support resources.
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Josh Hershkovitz SHI International
Client Systems and Peripherals Sales Specialist
A Client Systems and Peripherals Sales Specialist for SHI’s Hardware and Advanced Solutions department, Josh Hershkovitz focuses on delivering 3D printing, peripherals, cases, cables, and other accessories to SHI customers. He’s responsible for building and maintaining relationships between SHI and its vendors, and creates sales programs that match organizations to the client PC systems and peripherals that they need.
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Joshua Reynolds, IT asset management, SHI
Manager of ITAM Technology Solutions
Josh is an IT asset management (ITAM), systems architecture, and systems development specialist. He has been with SHI for more than 13 years, and currently serves as Manager of ITAM Technology Solutions in the company's Polaris division. In this role, Josh oversees all aspects of SHI's ITAM teams, including staffing, product and service development, and roadmap planning.
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Kelly Piotrowski, SHI International
Sales Specialist – Dell ESG Server/Storage
Kelly Piotrowski is the Dell ESG Server/Storage Sales Specialist for SHI in the Hardware and Advanced Solutions department. In this role, she is responsible for growing and supporting SHI’s Dell server and storage business. Kelly conducts deal registration, sales support, and configurations.
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Senior Manager, Mobility
Hello, everyone! I'm Kevin English, Senior Manager, Mobility in SHI's Hardware department. My responsibilities consist of designing and implementing SHI's overall mobility practice, including everything from wireless assessments and hardware procurement to device configurations and activations.
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Solution Desk Associate, Virtualization and Cloud
Kevin Kehoe is a Solution Desk Associate, Virtualization and Cloud in the SHI Enterprise Solutions Group who has been with the company since 2010. Kevin manages pre-sales opportunities for virtualization and cloud projects, acting as an agnostic resource to help customers identify technology needs, analyze potential solutions, and develop the best plan of action to achieve their goals.
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Director of SHI’s Professional Services Organization
Director of SHI’s Professional Services Organization
Kurt Bosch is the Director of SHI’s Professional Services Organization (PSO) with expertise in storage, networking, and virtualization. He joined SHI in 2009 as a PSO Senior Solution Architect, and then advanced to Principal Architect before assuming his current position.
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Adobe Sales and Licensing Specialist
Hi all, I’m Mary Bochiaro. I’ve been with SHI since 2009, and currently serve as the Adobe Sales and Licensing Specialist in the Software Licensing Department at SHI. I work as one of the primary contacts for all Adobe-related inquiries and coordinate with the SHI sales teams to identify customer requirements and recommend the Adobe products that best meet user needs. On a more personal note, my hobbies include graphics, web design, and art.
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Michael Kushner Procurement-as-a-Service SHI
Director, Procurement-as-a-Service
Michael Kushner runs SHI’s Procurement-as-a-Service practice in the Enterprise Sales division. His team provides contract management and negotiation support for tail-end IT spending, and delivers hard-dollar cost savings, optimizes contracts, and reduces the number of vendors clients must manage, allowing them to focus on their strategic suppliers.
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Michael Stack SHI Microsoft licensing
Corp LE Team Lead – Strategic Licensing Executive
Michael Stack is a Microsoft licensing expert in SHI’s Software and Licensing department. Michael strives to make software licensing simple and give organizations the confidence in their licensing decisions. He educates companies about the latest Microsoft licensing rules and changes, from SQL Server to Office 365, and shares best practices with customers to navigate license renewals and true ups. Michael also conducts cost modeling exercises that show organizations the full range of software licensing scenarios. Internally, Michael trains fellow licensing executives and account executives so they’re better equipped to advise their clients.
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Michelle Forister, SHI
Senior Licensing Executive
Michelle Forister is a Senior Licensing Executive in the Software and Licensing department at SHI. She's been with SHI for 20 years, and in that time has developed a deep understanding of Microsoft contracts, programs, and product licensing. In her current role, Michelle consults clients on leveraging various software contract options to maximize savings and maintain compliance. She helps customers spend less time working through licensing terms and conditions, freeing them up to utilize their licensed software.
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Mike Kmiec
Manager, Dell Team
Mike Kmiec manages the Dell Sales Enablement Team within SHI's Hardware and Advanced Solutions department. He joined SHI in 2006 and has worked his way up from Inside Sales Account Manager, holding roles as a Dell Sales Specialist and Dell Business Development Specialist before taking on his current position as Dell Team Manager.
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Adobe Business Development Manager
Hi, I’m Pat, and I work in the Software and Licensing department at SHI. I’m an Adobe Acrobat Certified Sales Professional and am also Adobe Volume Licensing Certified. I know Adobe licensing programs inside and out, and assist SHI Outside Sales in positioning Adobe products to help customers purchase the right solution, via the right program, at the best price.
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Peter Quinio, Sales and Licensing Specialist –Autodesk
Sales and Licensing Specialist – Autodesk
Peter Quinio is an Autodesk Sales and Licensing Specialist in SHI’s Software and Licensing department. He supports SHI’s sales teams by staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and programs from various manufacturers, and is a go-to resource for questions about products, programs, order processing, or deal registration. He trains sales teams on matching customer needs with the appropriate products and solutions. Peter joined the company in July 2008.
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Racquel Morgan, SHI International
Cisco Sales Specialist
Racquel Morgan joined SHI in 2007 and now works in the company's Hardware and Advanced Solutions department as a Cisco Sales Specialist focused on SMARTnet support service. Racquel serves as a liaison between Cisco, distribution, and SHI. In this role, she creates SMARTnet quotes, manages customers' SMARTnet renewals, and oversees the SMARTnet Entitlement Management System (EMS) database.
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Systems Engineer, Microsoft Azure
Rafael Victor is a Systems Engineer in the SHI Enterprise Solutions group. He joined the company in 2011 as a Microsoft Licensing Specialist. Today Rafael is responsible for supporting Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud-based platform and offering pre-sales technical, licensing, and software asset management support to organizations across myriad verticals.
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Apple Business Development Manager
Sean Cassidy specializes in mobility and software development. He joined SHI in 2008 and is now the Apple Business Development Manager. In his current role, he manages the SHI and Apple relationship and serves as a technical point of contact for SHI customers deploying Apple products into. for Apple integration procedures. Sean is an Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA) and Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC). He also completed the Beginning iOS Bootcamp, and is well-versed in Objective-C and iPhone programming and app development.
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Solution Architect
Shawn Berger is a Solution Architect in SHI’s Professional Services Organization, Microsoft Practice. He specializes in the design and deployment of Office 365, Active Directory, Exchange, Azure, and Windows Server migrations.
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Pre-Sales Storage Specialist
Steve Kazmer is a Pre-Sales Storage Specialist in SHI’s Hardware and Advanced Solutions department. In this role, Steve assesses customers’ and prospects’ current issues, and provides vendor-agnostic storage consulting to help determine the best solution for an organization’s business and technology needs. Steve specializes in enterprise storage, such as SAN, NAS, object, converged, and hyper-converged infrastructures, as well as data protection, including backup, disaster recover, and replication.
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MobileIron Sales Support Specialist
Hi everyone! My name is Ted Chalker and I’m the MobileIron Sales Support Specialist in the Hardware and Advanced Solutions department at SHI. I started at SHI as an Inside Sales Manager in February 2011, and worked in Virtualization & Cloud Pre-Sales Support after that. When I’m not writing for the SHI blog, you can usually find me promoting MobileIron and SHI’s other mobility services.
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Printing and Imaging Manager
Hello! My name is Terry Marchetti and I am the Printing and Imaging Manager for SHI. I am responsible for managing SHI’s Printing and Imaging business, including maintaining relationships with our partners, understanding industry trends, and managing a team that creates and executes presales and marketing activities.
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President and CEO
Hello everyone, I'm Thai Lee. I've been the President and CEO of SHI for over 22 years and the experience has been very rewarding. I think the keys to our success have been our ability to provide innovative, high-value solutions to our loyal customer base; and an SHI team that's focused on delivering world-class support to our customers every single day.
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Hardware and Advanced Solution Manager
Hi everyone! My name's Timothy, and I'm the Hardware and Advanced Solution Manager here at SHI. I work to develop and grow SHI's Hardware and Advanced Solutions business by cultivating new and existing vendor relations, supporting SHI's sales force, and managing our team of product specialists.
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Todd Missey, SHI International
Director, PSO Microsoft Services
Todd Missey brings over 20 years of IT experience to SHI. As Director, Professional Services Organization (PSO) Microsoft Services for SHI, Todd oversees the team responsible for small- to large-scale Microsoft enablement engagements, including presales and delivery. His expertise encompasses Active Directory (AD), Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Lync, SharePoint, and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).
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