SHI recognized for excellence in support of Microsoft technology

One month ago, I shared 10 reasons why your Microsoft ESA matters. The purpose of my post was to help IT managers evaluate and select an Enterprise Software Advisor that would support them through every step and maximize the value of their enterprise agreements.

However, the most interesting response I got to this post was from SHI employees. I’d be walking the halls of our company headquarters and one of my colleagues would stop me and express their satisfaction that tasks they complete on a daily basis — such as “processing Microsoft contract paperwork accurately and on time” or “helping customers activate and manage their software assurance benefits” — were deemed extraordinary enough to be listed among a top-10 bullet point blog post.

These colleagues don’t have to take my word that these seemingly routine tasks are extraordinary. They can also take Microsoft’s.

SHI recognized by MIcrosoft for operational excellence

BEST IN CLASS: SHI wins Platinum Level Operational Excellence Award for 11th time.

Today, for the ninth consecutive year and 11th time overall, Microsoft named SHI the winner of its North American Operational Excellence Award. We received this honor for “delivering market-leading operational excellence” in supporting our customers’ sourcing, procurement, and deployment of Microsoft technology.

Currently, SHI supports more than 15,000 Microsoft volume license agreements on behalf of our customers, representing revenues of over $2.5 billion. With that kind of volume, this achievement is no small feat. It requires true expertise, teamwork, and communication from our ESAs, as well as the scalability of existing systems and processes.

So what’s next for Microsoft and SHI? Currently our account teams are talking to IT managers about what the launch of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 means for their environments and volume licensing scenarios. To help with those efforts, whenever we get new information about any applicable volume license changes, best practices, or FAQs with regards to Microsoft (or any other SHI partner), we’ll post it here on the SHI Blog.

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Lastly, thanks to our customers, employees, and partners at Microsoft for continuing to work as a team and making this all possible!

SHI earns spot on 2012 InformationWeek 500

The accolades keep on coming! Earlier this month, SHI was named to the InformationWeek 500, a listing of the country’s top technology innovators. The honor comes partly in recognition of the SHI Cloud, which, as you know, we unveiled to customers a short year ago.

The SHI Cloud is just one of the many solutions we offer organizations. Added to our long history and service menu of IT asset management and e-commerce proficiencies, it allows us to support the technology needs of any organization and provide truly unparalleled customer service.

For more details on our appointment to the list, check out the press release we issued.

SHI named to InformationWeek 500

INFORMATIONWEEK 500: SHI adds another trophy to the mantle

Thanks to those of you already utilizing the SHI Cloud. If you’re not yet taking advantage of this solution and want more information, be sure to shoot us a note.

2 years running: Symantec recognizes SHI as National Partner of the Year

SHI wins Symantec's National Partner of the Year Award

PHOTO OP: Me with John Eldh, Symantec’s Vice President, Americas Channel Sales, after accepting the Symantec National Partner of the Year Award for SHI

It’s not every day that I get hit with a sense of déjà vu. You know, that weird feeling you get when you know you’ve been through the exact same experience before, just at some other place or time. But I got that feeling on Sept. 12 in Baltimore at Symantec‘s annual partner conference — Partner Engage 2012 — when SHI was recognized with a Partner of the Year Award for the second year in a row.


SHI releases Q2 revenue

2012 has been a busy year thus far for SHI, and we’re happy to share that all that hard work is paying off. Our Q2 and first half 2012 revenues have each grown 15 percent year-over-year, driven in strong part by the rapid growth of SHI’s Corporate SMB division, which experienced 55 percent year-over-year growth of its own.

Our press release announcing our mid-2012 revenue hit the wire this afternoon. Take a look to see some of the other accomplishments we’ve been working on this year.

SHI announces Q2, mid-2012 revenue

HALFTIME: SHI reports revenue growth in first half of 2012

We’re extremely proud of our progress so far, but 2012 is still a long way from over. We have a lot more work in store to ensure we continue to deliver the most reliable and comprehensive IT solutions to businesses and partners worldwide.

11 things SHI’s customers want to know about the future of SHI

SHI is not a publicly traded company, so we’re under no requirement to share the details of our inner workings. But we know those things are important to our customers, and as a result, we’ve always strived to be transparent. Plus, we really don’t have anything “juicy” to hide.

But part of that transparency isn’t just talking about performance. Rather it’s where our leadership is taking the company, what our vision is for the industry, and how that impacts (and helps) our customers. Last week we had our 2012 Enterprise Sales Conference. For employees and our customers, one of the most important parts of the annual event is our CEO Thai Lee‘s keynote.

This year’s keynote was titled “Roadmap to SHI 4.0.” The 4.0 speaks to
our fourth decade in business, which we will cross the threshold of in 2020. I know that might feel far off, but no company succeeds with only a short-term vision. (more…)