Dianna Perez

Creative Communications Specialist

Creative Communications Specialist, SHI International Dianna Perez is a Creative Communications Specialist in SHI’s Communications and Marketing department. In this role, she provides graphic support and content generation for SHI communications, including the website, brochures, collateral, email distributions, presentations, events, and the SHI Blog.

Dianna joined SHI in February 1999. She held several positions before advancing to Creative Communications Specialist, including Inside Sales, Inside Sales Trainer, Manager of Public Sector Team, HP Marketing Specialist, and Marketing and Events Specialist.

Email Dianna at Dianna_Perez@shi.com.

How the Surface Pro 3 exceeded my expectations for design work on a tablet

When approached to try design work on a Surface Pro 3, my feelings were mixed. I was excited to test this Microsoft tablet, which just celebrated its one-year anniversary, but my glass-half-empty mindset made me wonder if it might be inconvenient to set aside a powerful laptop workstation and work on a smaller device.

After years of learning to use a mouse and keyboard — instead of my hands — for creative expression, I admittedly started slow with the Surface Pro 3’s pen and touch screen. I connected the Surface into the dock, and hooked up my keyboard and mouse to replicate the setup I was used to. When I finally braved tablet mode and got more comfortable working with the device, I started to recognize its benefits.

Here’s what I was working with, and my impressions after a few weeks with the Surface Pro 3. (more…)

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