Jessica Lemmon

Symantec Team Manager

Jessica Lemmon Symantec Team Manager for SHIAs Symantec Team Manager in SHI’s Software and Licensing division, Jessica Lemmon leads a team of seven dedicated Symantec professionals to assist customers in the evaluation, selection, and implementation of Symantec technologies. She’s been with SHI for more than 12 years.

Under Jessica’s guidance, the Symantec team has helped the company earn three consecutive Symantec Partner of the Year awards.

Jessica is a certified Symantec Sales Expert (SSE) and Symantec Sales Expert Plus (SSSE+). Email her at

What today’s IT security looks like in 3 charts

Internet Security Threat ReportThe 21st edition of Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) was released in April, detailing emerging trends such as the increase in malware, the rise of mega data breaches, and an uptick in ransomware.

The data presented in the ISTR comes from Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network, which monitors threat activity in over 157 countries and is made up of 63.8 million attack sensors that record thousands of events per second.

The ISTR highlights some eye-opening security breakdowns: In 2015 alone, ransomware increased 35 percent, more than 100 million fake technical support scams had to be blocked, and vulnerabilities were found in 75 percent of all websites. And because the Internet of Things and smart devices are expected to grow to more than 20 billion units by 2020, the “insecurity of things” remains a huge risk.

A strong security strategy must be a top priority for organizations and their employees alike. Here are three areas in particular that deserve special focus. (more…)

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Symantec and Veritas: What the split means for you

road splitIs it the era of tech de-mergers? Maybe – here’s another one that will likely affect you.

On Oct. 5, Symantec and Veritas will split into separately operated companies: Symantec will remain a leader in security, and Veritas will focus on information management (IM). Here’s how it breaks down by product family: (more…)

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3 things to know about Symantec’s new licensing offering

Earlier this month, Symantec released its new Enterprise Subscription Agreement (SESA). Today I’ll answer your three most pressing questions about the announcement and provide information to help you understand and leverage the new program.

1. What is the Symantec Enterprise Subscription Agreement?

The SESA is a three-year contractual licensing agreement for Symantec security products available to organizations with 250+ users. The agreement allows organizations to optimize security spend, standardize on solutions from one trusted vendor, and simplify license management.

2. What’s included in the Symantec Enterprise Subscription Agreement?

The Symantec Enterprise Solution (SES) is available as part of the SESA. SES combines products to provide multiple layers of protection for mobile, endpoint, and mail and web infrastructure.

The solution integrates a number of key security products to protect your data wherever it resides. It includes three main layers of defense. (more…)

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