John Giachero

Solution Architect

John Giachero, SHIJohn Giachero is a professional pre-sales systems engineer with a strong technology background and track record of successful sales support. He serves as a Solution Architect in SHI’s Software and Licensing department, and specializes in Oracle products including SPARC Servers, ZFS Storage, Solaris, Linux, Oracle Virtualization, and MySQL. John is also a VMware Certified Professional (VCP).

Prior to joining SHI, John worked at Fujitsu Computer Systems, Sun Microsystems, and NCR.

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3 simple ways to take control of your Oracle licensing

three checksIt’s a simple fact: Software licensing is difficult to understand and manage. Even the savviest IT professional can struggle to comprehend certain complex language and terms in licensing agreements from the major software manufacturers. For example, companies report they often have difficulty understanding and complying with Oracle’s licensing rules, particularly when it comes to virtualization conflicts and upgrades that require additional licenses.

Case in point, one organization received a bill for millions of dollars, due in 30 days, after an audit revealed that the company was inadvertently virtualizing much of its infrastructure without the proper licensing. The organization brought on SHI, which eventually helped reduce the total cost owed by 90 percent, but this experience shows how ignorance of licensing can result in major costs.

Here are three common Oracle licensing challenges IT staffs are faced with, and three solutions that can alleviate those headaches and diminish the chances of an audit. (more…)

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