John McMahon

Networking Solutions Manager

Hi! I’m John McMahon, the Networking Solutions Manager in SHI’s Hardware and Advanced Solutions department. I’m responsible for managing the overall presales networking practice. This includes overseeing vendor relationships, determining if vendors are qualified to partner to support SHI’s networking practice, and driving the overall networking business. I also coordinate promotion, sales team alignment, sales team trainings, and managing resources.

I started at SHI in 2008 as an HP Networking Solutions Architect. Prior to SHI, I was self-employed as an IT trainer. Before that, I worked as a Technical Consultant at New Horizons Computer Learning Center.

During my career, I’ve earned many technical certifications, including Hewlett Packard HP Master ASE – Network Infrastructure, Master ASE – HP ProCurve Security, Master ASE – HP ProCurve Mobility, ASE – HP, ProCurve Campus LANs, APP – HP APP – Network Security, APC – HP Converged Infrastructure Solutions, AIS – HP AIS – Network Security, AIS – IP Telephony, Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician, Cisco Certified Network Associate: Security, Cisco Certified Network Professional, Cisco Certified Design Professional, Comptia A+, Network +, Microsoft Windows MCITP:Enterprise Administrator, MCSE, MCSA, MCT, and MCP+I.

As for what I like to do for fun, I can watch the 1993 classic, “Groundhog Day,” starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell, and laugh out loud every time. Every Thanksgiving, I have fun watching “The Wizard of Oz,” and analyze how it is totally an allegory to the 1898 presidential election, minus the ruby slippers. (They should have been silver — I hate when Hollywood screws it up).

I have fun watching just about any baseball game with the exception of Houston Astros home games. There is something about the incline and light pole in left-center that bothers me. It’s distracting, kind of like clowns with regular shoes. (The training center is totally “Brewster’s Millions.” Thumbs up there).

I like quirky and witty jokes. For example, the mushroom, fungi, and bar joke. What’s not funny about that one? Really? I have fun watching classic love stories, opposite attraction dramas in particular. Who doesn’t like Baby and Johnny in “Dirty Dancing,” or Harry and Sally in their namesake movie? For the record, Katie and Hubble should have stayed together in the 1973 classic, “The Way We Were.” Is that a way to end a movie? Darn 70s.

Why defining your company’s business goals is the key to unified communications success

I’m asked, almost on a daily basis, what is the best unified communications (UC) solution on the market. Generally speaking, my response is, “Great question! The best UC solution is one that aligns with clearly defined business requirements.” I typically then ask the customer, “What are your business requirements for this solution?”

Seems like a logical question to ask, don’t you think? But occasionally, my question is met with an uncomfortable silence, awkward eye glances, and shifting body movements as the customer tries to articulate a response.

To all potential UC customers, I promise this question is not meant to suck you into some sort of reseller trap. Instead, it is designed to ensure the success of your UC solution. When evaluating a UC solution, clearly defining business goals is the first and most important step. For resellers, understanding how a customer expects to benefit from a solution will influence the products recommended. And for customers, the answer to this question will drive product selection and determine the solution’s success. The question is the benchmark on which customers and resellers will evaluate a UC solution.

Define your business requirements

Too often, UC projects fall short of maximizing the investment because business requirements are not fully understood by an organization upfront. To identify business requirements, customers should ask and answer what, why, and how: What are your processes today? Why do you need to change them? How are you going to benefit from those changes? Answering these questions in detail will drive the success of your solution. (more…)