Josh Hershkovitz

Client Systems and Peripherals Sales Specialist

Josh Hershkovitz SHI InternationalA Client Systems and Peripherals Sales Specialist for SHI’s Hardware and Advanced Solutions department, Josh Hershkovitz focuses on delivering 3D printing, peripherals, cases, cables, and other accessories to SHI customers. He’s responsible for building and maintaining relationships between SHI and its vendors, and creates sales programs that match organizations to the client PC systems and peripherals that they need.

Josh joined SHI in 2011 after working in technical support positions at Clear Computing and Linode LLC. You can reach him at

3 ways organizations can use 3D printing today

3D printers3D printers have moved from industrial labs and hobbyists’ basements to the mainstream: Worldwide shipments of 3D printers are expected to reach more than 217,000 in 2015, and then double every year thereafter. Vendors continue to refine their products, making them smaller, less expensive, easier to use, and more accessible for businesses and consumers alike.

In case you’ve never seen one in action, 3D printers expand on the concept of a standard ink-jet printer by adding a third axis that enables both vertical and horizontal printing. This capability offers immediate appeal to hobbyists and designers, but amidst the hype for 3D-printed fashion accessories, 3D-printed cars, and 3D printers in space, many organizations are still struggling to determine what, if any, practical 3D printing applications exist for their business.

Look no further. Here are three tangible ways organizations can utilize 3D printers today: (more…)

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