Kelly Piotrowski

Sales Specialist - Dell ESG Server/Storage

Kelly Piotrowski, SHI InternationalKelly Piotrowski is the Dell ESG Server/Storage Sales Specialist for SHI in the Hardware and Advanced Solutions department. In this role, she is responsible for growing and supporting SHI’s Dell server and storage business. Kelly conducts deal registration, sales support, and configurations. She has taken numerous Dell server and storage technical trainings, including background on Java programming.

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Is converged infrastructure the answer to Windows Server 2003 migration?

Win2k3As their responsibilities multiply, IT professionals can add another line to their resumes: multi-tasking to an extreme. IT’s workload balloons with company growth as servers and networks expand in size, volume licensing becomes increasingly complicated, and complex silos of information swell. Yet administrators must maintain optimal speed and storage, often on a shoe-string budget.

And now many IT professionals are also planning for Windows Server 2003’s end of support. The clock is ticking, and they must consider a number of factors for the migration, including hardware upgrades, software licensing, and whether current applications and systems will still function as needed after the migration.

In an effort to manage their Windows Server 2003 migration, lower costs, and condense their IT footprint, some organizations are investing in converged infrastructure (CI) solutions. Converting to CI offers a number of advantages for small to medium-sized organizations, as it frees up IT teams to more effectively manage software and hardware systems, especially as Windows Server 2003 approaches end of life. (more…)

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