Michelle Forister

Senior Licensing Executive

Michelle Forister, SHIMichelle Forister is a Senior Licensing Executive in the Software and Licensing department at SHI. She’s been with SHI for 20 years, and in that time has developed a deep understanding of Microsoft contracts, programs, and product licensing. In her current role, Michelle consults clients on leveraging various software contract options to maximize savings and maintain compliance. She helps customers spend less time working through licensing terms and conditions, freeing them up to utilize their licensed software.

Michelle has earned a number of licensing certifications, including:

  • MCP 070-121 Designing and Providing Microsoft Licensing Solutions to Small and Medium Organizations
  • MCP 070-122 Designing and Providing Microsoft Licensing Solutions to Large Organizations
  • MCP 070-123 Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Software Asset Management (SAM) Program

When she’s not in the office, Michelle is cheering on her favorite teams, the New Jersey Devils and the New York Giants.

Email Michelle at Michelle_Forister@SHI.com or reach out to her on Twitter at @MForister.

5 things to know about Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade offer

UpgradeMicrosoft’s highly anticipated Windows 10 operating system is sounding even better than many expected. When Microsoft presented a deep look at Windows 10 on Jan. 21, it offered customers an added incentive to jump to its newest offering: The company revealed it will offer free upgrades to Windows 10 for qualified new or existing Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows Phone 8.1 devices. For customers who have not yet upgraded to Windows 8.1 from XP or Vista, this provides an excellent opportunity to maximize value, and to modernize their legacy OSes.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 demo and incentive announcement generated a lot of buzz, but also many questions. I’ve detailed five key insights you should be aware of regarding the Windows 10 news, and how it relates to your volume licensing agreements: (more…)

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How to prepare for the expiration of your EAP and ECI enrollments

Prepare for EAP and ECI ExpirationA year after Microsoft launched its Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) volume licensing program, many organizations are preparing to make the switch as their Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP) and Enrollment for Core Infrastructure (ECI) agreements expire. Customers with expiring contracts are facing critical decisions regarding the renewal of their software assurance (SA) into the SCE, which marks a major step in the simplification of Microsoft licensing programs.

The SCE allows organizations to consolidate ECI and EAP licenses into a single enrollment featuring standardized terms and discounts. Its broad product offerings include the Core Infrastructure Suite, SQL Server, BizTalk Server, SharePoint Server, Visual Studio with MSDN, and Azure.

EAP and ECI customers should closely evaluate the SCE option before enrolling in order to fully understand the changes and how their current licensing will shift under the new structure. Here’s what EAP and ECI customers must know and do to prepare for the SCE. (more…)

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