Mike Kmiec

Manager, Dell Team

Mike KmiecMike Kmiec manages the Dell Sales Enablement Team within SHI’s Hardware and Advanced Solutions department. He joined SHI in 2006 and has worked his way up from Inside Sales Account Manager, holding roles as a Dell Sales Specialist and Dell Business Development Specialist before taking on his current position as Dell Team Manager.

Email him at Michael_Kmiec@SHI.com with any questions regarding your company’s Dell hardware needs.

4 questions employees should ask before buying a Windows tablet for work

More and more, enterprises are trusting employees to choose their own mobile devices and operate them in the workplace, and tablets are at the forefront of this movement. Yet with that choice comes certain variables for the enterprise, namely security, compatibility, licensing, and support.

Existing and upcoming Windows tablets offer much of the performance of traditional desktops and laptops, and their security seamlessly integrates with many existing enterprise systems. The myriad options allow users to adopt a tablet that best fits their work, right out of the box.

Here are four questions that a workforce should ask to help focus its search for a tablet best suited to a particular job and that will fit existing enterprise systems. (more…)

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