Pat Breslin

Adobe Business Development Manager

Pat-BreslinHi, I’m Pat, and I work in the Software and Licensing department at SHI. I’m an Adobe Acrobat Certified Sales Professional and am also Adobe Volume Licensing Certified. I know Adobe licensing programs inside and out, and assist SHI Outside Sales in positioning Adobe products to help customers purchase the right solution, via the right program, at the best price.

Before working with customers on Adobe software, I spent seven years as an inside sales rep. SHI hired me some 12 years ago straight out of college (Rutgers University in New Jersey), which I graduated from with a degree in history and political science. Isn’t America great?

Fun facts about me: I did stand-up comedy for 10 years. I’m also a rock music fanatic. The unfortunate part is that I can’t play a single instrument.

Connect with me on Twitter or via email with any questions or comments. I’m always available to help!

Adobe takes a big step toward Creative Cloud. Here’s everything CS6 customers need to know

Adobe Creative CloudDespite some early misperceptions about how Adobe Creative Cloud‘s subscription model would work, customers have signed up in droves. Some 1.8 million users now subscribe to Creative Cloud, enjoying instant updates and a predictable annual spend. Now a recent announcement could drive further adoption. At the end of May, Adobe will stop offering Creative Suite 6 (CS6) suites and products to commercial and government customers via the transactional licensing program (TLP) and cumulative licensing program (CLP).

If you’re still using CS6 under a TLP or CLP license, you probably have questions about this announcement. Here are some answers:

Why is Adobe phasing out CS6?

This move isn’t exactly surprising, after Adobe removed Upgrade Plan for its Creative products in December 2012, and announced in May 2013 that no new versions would be made available via perpetual licensing — Creative Cloud was the direction for the future.

CS6 is nearly two years old, and there have been more than 500 updates to the products since then. By making the Creative Suite available only through Creative Cloud, Adobe further simplifies its purchasing options and ensures it can deliver feature updates to customers as soon as they’re available. (more…)

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Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions: What IT needs to know

Wave goodbye to the Adobe Creative Suite. On Monday at its MAX conference, Adobe announced that it’ll abandon updates to perpetual licensing for CS and push all its chips behind its Creative Cloud applications.

Creative Cloud, introduced last year, delivers all the applications from Creative Suite, eliminating the shrink wrap and box, and replacing perpetual licenses with a subscription-based model. Here’s everything you need to know about Creative Cloud, what the change means for you, and what you can do about it.

What the shift to Creative Cloud means for customers (more…)

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