Racquel Morgan

Cisco Sales Specialist

Racquel Morgan, SHI InternationalRacquel Morgan joined SHI in 2007 and now works in the company’s Hardware and Advanced Solutions department as a Cisco Sales Specialist focused on SMARTnet support service. Racquel serves as a liaison between Cisco, distribution, and SHI. In this role, she creates SMARTnet quotes, manages customers’ SMARTnet renewals, and oversees the SMARTnet Entitlement Management System (EMS) database.

Email Racquel at Racquel_Morgan@SHI.com.

Mastering SMARTnet renewals in 4 easy steps

Cisco SMARTnet Cisco’s SMARTnet technical support service is renowned for its hotline of Cisco engineers ready to help troubleshoot. After all, even IT teams have to call tech support every once in a while, especially when those teams protect complex and critical systems. And the award-winning service lives up to its reputation for slashing downtime.

But to maintain service for all Cisco equipment in use, organizations need to keep a close eye on their contracts and upcoming renewals to ensure there are no gaps in coverage. And too often, renewals become a challenge for many organizations. Many companies hold between 10 and 15 SMARTnet contracts for various Cisco devices. And with so many contracts, businesses struggle to keep track of important expiration dates, terms, and conditions.

No IT team wants to find out their SMARTnet contract has unexpectedly lapsed while on the phone with Cisco to get a system back up. But due to lack of contract visibility, organizations sometimes falsely assume their business-critical devices are secured by SMARTnet. Due to unpaid renewals or missing agreements, devices can slip through the cracks, risking downtime and other damaging network issues.

Just as harmful, many organizations continue to pay SMARTnet subscriptions for out-of-date or unused devices due to knee-jerk renewals on forgotten contracts. And as organizations grow and add more Cisco services and devices, the complexities associated with managing new subscriptions will only escalate.

For organizations seeking greater visibility into their SMARTnet services, here are four easy tips to regain control over contracts. (more…)

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