Here’s how to deploy IT hardware in America’s most complex city

new york cityIf you think a major IT deployment in New York City is easy, fuggedaboutit.

That was the challenge The Legal Aid Society faced when preparing a new hardware rollout. About every seven years, The Legal Aid Society refreshes its hardware infrastructure, which is about 2,500 devices in 26 offices spread throughout New York City. Because The Legal Aid Society provides free legal assistance to some of the city’s poorest residents, its staff of lawyers, paralegals, and interns (more than 2,000 law professionals) couldn’t be disturbed by long waits for new equipment.

But while the process of deploying new laptops and desktops might sound simpler than many other IT jobs, it wasn’t as straightforward as it sounds. The Legal Aid Society had to carefully adhere to grant funding requirements, as well as manage union rules, building policies, and the logistical problems associated with a large scale IT initiative in New York City. Continue Reading…

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Why Forbes’ feature on SHI’s CEO couldn’t have happened without you

SHI Headquarters

This will not be Thai Lee’s favorite SHI Blog post. When we next pass in the hallway, she might ask me a slight variation on a question commonly posed by our CEO: “How did [this blog post] help our customers do their job well today?”

I have the rest of this post to come up with a good answer.

Normally this space is reserved for sharing information pertaining to the technologies and programs SHI’s 17,000+ customers use to smartly acquire, deploy, and support the technology that powers their organizations. Our next post will once again strive to accomplish exactly that. But for now, this space will simply be used to say, “Thank you!” Continue Reading…

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SHI Financing: Smarter, better budgeting

SHI doesn’t just have one of the best selections of hardware and software in the business; we also have one of the best and most flexible financing and leasing programs. Sometimes we don’t do as good a job as maybe we should promoting the fact that we can finance your purchases of software, desktops and notebooks, mobile devices, storage, networking products, and a wide range of other solutions.

With interest rates at all-time lows, financing your purchase of hardware and software has never been easier, or more economical. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Talk to your SHI representative about the financing options that are available to you.
  2. Settle on the terms of the financing contract, and choose a payment structure (quarterly, monthly, yearly, etc.).
  3. Sign on the dotted line, and away you go!

What kinds of deals can you finance?

  • Large or multi-year software deals: If a big project comes along, it’s in your best interest to spread the payments out over time. Many software publishers are now selling multi-year terms that allow organizations to use SHI financing and make annual payments.
  • Hardware deals: As technology power goes up and the price goes down, it is logical to lease. Financing lets you more cost-effectively refresh your technology to ensure your organization is always using cutting-edge technology.
  • Surprise requirements: This includes your non-budgeted items, perhaps license compliance issues or end-of-quarter purchases. SHI financing allows organizations to spread out payment of these purchases over time, or even defer them. Continue Reading…
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SHI’s customers shape the product

I started writing this post with the idea to talk about the ways SHI provides our customers with industry-leading financial control over their spend in the SHI Cloud. It’s an extremely important issue for our customers, because the biggest problem many of them face with the cloud is a lack of visibility into how much their organization is spending on cloud services.

But then, I realized that there’s a bigger story here to tell. The reason SHI offers full financial control over the SHI Cloud is because our customers asked for it. Financial control is only one example of the many breakthroughs in our cloud that came to be because we listened to our customers.

So today, I thought I would outline how our customers are helping to shape our product. After that, we can begin to look at many of the features that have been added in direct response to customer feedback.

Listening to our customers, from start to finish

Continue Reading…

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Talking the talk of the IT industry

This past weekend, I married someone who also works for a global IT company, and I became the happiest man in the world. Please allow me to clarify.

My newly found (and undoubtedly continued) domestic bliss has little to do with my wife’s current occupation. But I’m not going to lie — it is a most excellent perk. That’s because it allows us to hold those “how was your day” conversations almost entirely in the language of the industry.

“How’d it go today?”

“Great! We saw a good response to that Time-Boxed Burst story, and there was some decent buzz around the new releases of CS 6 and SQL in yesterday’s newsletter.” Continue Reading…

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