5 ways to deploy tablets in your retail store

In Store Catalog -- Glacier at Argos RetailFrom national chains to neighborhood shops, retailers understand that tablets can greatly enhance shopper experiences and they continue adopting this technology in store. Tablets and their applications possess such potential for changing the way people shop and spend that eventually all stores will be connected.

Today’s shoppers are more knowledgeable than ever before, and they’re demanding in-store, experience-altering technology – digital price tags that reflect price changes, kiosks that provide assistance and deals, and mobile checkouts, for example. Retailers are appealing to these shoppers with tablets, and are using these devices to interact with shoppers and to drive sales.

Here are five ways retail stores are creatively using tablets to reach today’s shoppers: Continue Reading…

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Is your retail store ready for new tech?

retail technologyThe National Retail Federation’s Big Show was the biggest one yet, as 35,000 retail professionals flooded the Javits Center in New York City to see the newest retail technology and to stay up on industry trends. From digital signage to same-day delivery to mobile payments, the many breeds of technologies for bricks-and-mortar stores dominated conversation at the Big Show. But one key question remained unanswered: How do retailers accomplish it all?

Over the next eight months or so, retailers large and small will be planning, buying, and installing new technologies in anticipation of the 2015 holiday rush. But some organizations are better prepared than others to take the reins and lead the charge. Is your organization ready to start a major tech push, from planning and buying to rollout and support?

The health of your IT environment stems from your IT infrastructure, professionals, and policies. Ask yourself the following questions to check up on whether your IT department is fit enough to start implementing the newest retail technology. Continue Reading…

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Please touch: New uses for interactive digital signage

Attention is at a premium. Video, audio, status updates, texts, articles, and more all vie for our attention every waking hour. With so many diversions, many industries are finding that they need new ways to reach their audiences. How can educators engage students, for example? How can retailers attract customers? How can a museum instruct visitors, or a hospital connect with patients?

Quite simply, it’s got to be interactive. And with users now accustomed to swiping and tapping their way through touchscreen interfaces, they expect hands-on experiences. Now retailers, schools, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and hotels are investing in a number of devices to provide exactly that through interactive digital signage.

Here are a few examples of interactive digital solutions and how they’re being put to use in various sectors.

Interactive whiteboards. Forget old-school chalkboards and traditional dry erase boards. Demand continues to grow among K-12 educators, as well as corporations, for digital whiteboard solutions, such as Sharp’s AQUOS Board. Instead of erasing and losing lecture notes after each lesson, teachers can now capture the writing on the wall and email students a screen shot of the day’s notes, diagrams, and assignments. Continue Reading…


Think digital signage isn’t for you? Think again.

digital signage solutions from SHIAdvertising has been around for as long as humans have had something to sell. Historians have found examples of commercial messages in Pompeii and lost and found advertising on papyrus in Ancient Greece and Rome. As time rolled on, advertisers found opportunity to place ads on everything from billboards, cars, buses, boats, to even an athlete’s skin. Now the question becomes, how can business leaders capitalize on advertising in the digital world to drive their businesses into the next decade?

Enter digital signage. Already seeing widespread use in malls, airports, and train stations, digital ads are making their way into every industry. What’s driving this shift? Since digital signage can be both frequently and easily updated, it saves you the printing and construction costs associated with traditional signage techniques.

Think there isn’t a place for digital signage in your organization? Look to these four industries for inspiration and direction. Continue Reading…