The Lenovo Helix: The next step in enterprise mobility

How many devices do you need in a typical workday to do your job well? If a Forrester study from last year is any indication, 74 percent of you use two or more devices, and 53 percent use three or more.

While each of those devices plays a particular role, switching among a PC, tablet, and smartphone throughout the day can be inefficient, both for users carting around multiple devices and IT help desks juggling myriad operating systems, licenses, and security concerns.

This is the thinking that led to the Lenovo Helix, a hybrid Ultrabook and tablet. One of a new crossbreed of mobile devices, the Helix is designed to simplify mobility for workers who spend a lot of time away from their desk but still need significant computing power and a full keyboard and mouse. It works just like a regular Ultrabook, but users can detach the screen, which functions as a tablet.

Here are four ways the Helix is simplifying workers’ mobile lives: Continue Reading…

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