How to redeploy unused software licenses

You might have a million dollars just sitting on a shelf in your IT department. That’s the savings realized by one company that dug into its software licenses, found that it had more licenses than it was using, and pushed forward an active redeployment program to get the idle software back into circulation. And while this was obviously a larger organization, many companies can realize a 2-5 percent savings by reclaiming and redeploying their unused licenses.

Unfortunately, many companies unwittingly throw away that savings by purchasing new licenses rather than reusing their dormant ones. The problem is that the process for software procurement is typically isolated from the process for redeployment of unused licenses. When new employees join the team, they often bypass IT, where the extra licenses live, and go straight to procurement, which spends money that might otherwise be saved through redeployment or an upgrade of an existing license.

While there are several options for overlicensed companies, redeploying unused licenses not only saves money, but can also optimize your procurement of other IT assets – realizing further savings by procuring hardware compatible with existing and unused licenses. Here’s how to jumpstart a redeployment program at your organization. Continue Reading…

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