How SHI manages printing services in the office and on the go

Pity the lowly printer! No one thinks about it until it stops printing, and then everyone goes ballistic. It seems pretty simple to the average user — he clicks print and the paper comes out. Well, printing is actually an integral part of an IT organization’s infrastructure, and is becoming more complex each year.

Printing services have undergone some major changes in the past few years. There are more ways than ever for organizations to maintain a healthy printing ecosystem and optimize their printing services to go mobile, while still saving money. So today, I’ll be going over SHI’s approach to maximizing the benefits of printing services, and how customers can take their printing on-the-go.

Up until three years ago, SHI sold printing services through a transactional sale: Customer cuts a PO, we process the order for the device, include some extra toner cartridges, maybe a grade-six warranty uplift, and then it on its way. Now, with managed print solutions, we’re able to work with our customers to help them manage their printer fleets in today’s ever-changing and mobile environments.

When we first meet with a customer that needs printing services, our first step is to perform an in-depth assessment of their environment. We provide a virtual assessment or head on-site and actually walk the floors. Then, we’ll take the floor plans with us and study those to make sure we know where all the printers are located, and what models they are using. After taking a look at their current suite, we come up with what we believe is an accurate projection of the total cost it will take to implement managed printing services at their current level in their current environment.

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