What Microsoft’s acquisition of Yammer means to SHI

Upon first reading the rumors that Microsoft would soon acquire Yammer — and that this acquisition was based on Yammer technology to improve the social aspect of SharePoint — I reacted in roughly the same way that Tommy Lee Jones did when Harrison Ford proclaimed, “I DIDN’T KILL MY WIFE!” in the movie “The Fugitive.”

I didn’t care.

It’s not that these revelations weren’t significant. They were. Acquiring the cloud-based enterprise social network could improve the social collaboration capabilities of the next version of SharePoint (possibly in Q1 of 2013), if Microsoft chooses to do so. (As for the other? Well, Ford jumped off a 225-foot dam into an active spillway without a scratch.)

SharePoint has been the backbone of SHI’s company intranet since 2006. Over these past six years, I learned that an effective, enterprise-wide rollout of SharePoint is as much about the business and cultural decisions made as it is the technology itself.

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