What 1,000 days of solar power looks like

solar panelsWhat clean energy benefits can you accomplish in 1,000 days? With the help of 3,000 solar panels installed on our company buildings and a set of green practices at our headquarters, we figured out the answer: Quite a lot, and with room to grow.

Since its installation in 2012, SHI’s solar energy array has generated more than 1.6 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of clean, renewable energy. The 2,100-plus solar panels installed on the roof of our headquarters in Somerset, N.J. generate enough energy in just one day to power a city block for an entire month.

And that doesn’t even take into account the 1,600 or so rooftop panels installed at our software and hardware integration center. The solar panels on this site create enough energy to account for almost half of the building’s energy usage.

In less than three years, our solar panels have generated a considerable amount of energy, and the amounts of greenhouse gases and other compounds we’ve avoided is also staggering: Continue Reading…

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SHI harnesses the power of the sun on Earth Day — and everyday

Happy Earth Day! In honor of the world’s largest environmental celebration, I wanted to take a moment to highlight SHI’s small part in making our world a healthier place.

SHI’s commitment to going green has been years in the making. In 2011, we installed 1,596 rooftop solar panels at our software and hardware integration center. Since the installation, the system has produced 1,017,044 kilowatts of solar energy, and shrunk our carbon dioxide (CO2) output by 1,343,042 pounds. Today, the system plays a huge role in energy creation, accounting for 40 percent of the building’s total energy usage in 2013.

But our journey to energy efficiency didn’t end there. When we took over 290 Davidson in Somerset, N.J. as our corporate headquarters, we completely renovated the building with LEED certification in mind. Our main mission in the renovation was to install a solar project to help reduce our carbon footprint and decrease overall utility costs. At the project’s completion in 2012, we had installed 2,119 solar panels for a total array of about 500 kilowatts and gained a LEED Gold certification.

Since the installation, the solar project has produced 1,156,689 kilowatts of power and accounted for 8 percent of the building’s total energy usage in 2013. Not only did we decrease our energy consumption, but we shrank our CO2 output by 1,574,963 pounds–the amount of CO2 produced by a one-ton pickup truck after driving 1,351,960 miles. Continue Reading…