Staff picks for the week of June 6, 2016

Staff Picks GeneralEvery day brings new innovations or developments in technology, and this week was no different. Catch up on what’s new in tech with our staff picks!

Microsoft finds cancer clues in search queries (Read by Camillia S.)

Microsoft scientists are making strides in e-health by using search engine queries as a way to possibly identify users suffering from pancreatic cancer. Researchers sifted through search data to determine which users may have been already diagnosed and then worked backwards by examining previous queries indicating possible symptoms. With this information, scientists aim to detect cancer quicker and more easily than a trip to the doctor. The data used was anonymous so there was no way to contact the users to determine if they have cancer or if they were searching on behalf of someone else, but researchers are confident that they’re onto something. I believe our online habits are quite telling and the earlier cancer is detected the better, so anything helps! Continue Reading…


Staff picks for the week of May 30, 2016

Staff PicksIt was a short week following the Memorial Day holiday, but there’s plenty of tech news to highlight, from the escalating fight against ad blockers to a growing trend of cities accommodating “petextrians.” Catch up on these and more stories you might have missed with our staff picks!

Why you should delete the online accounts you don’t use anymore — right now (Read by Camillia S.)

Up until last Friday, your old social media account credentials weren’t worth anything, not even to you. You probably don’t remember the password anyway. But all of that changed when a data dump of over 33 gigabytes, consisting of 360 million MySpace usernames and passwords, was listed for sale. Hackers can use this information for phishing and to wreak other kinds of havoc. On Tuesday, MySpace announced that it has disabled all affected passwords so no one can gain access, so while you can’t go in and update your Top 8 right away, you should be able to change your password and delete your account for good. Unless you’re still into MySpace, in which case … no judgment. Continue Reading…


Staff picks for the week of May 23, 2016

Staff Picks GeneralBefore you pack up and hit the road for Memorial Day weekend, take a look at our top tech picks for this week!

Boom makes your music sound boomin’ and/or slammin’ (Read by Camillia S.)

If you’re an audiophile, then this is the app for you. Boom for iOS adds some surround-sound quality to those flat MP3 music files on your phone. Instead of playing music through the Music app on the iPhone, you play it through Boom, which gives you a selection of effects including “3D surround sound simulation” and other boosters. If you’re like me and have been struggling to find a decent pair of headphones without having to shovel out a ton of money, then this app may be worth a try. Continue Reading…