Staff picks for the week of Nov. 16, 2015

Staff Picks GeneralWe often don’t think about the technology that impacts our everyday lives, or how it originates. From where the Internet lives to the Hollywood star who helped invent Wi-Fi, there are several behind-the-scenes technology stories worth telling. Read on for your weekly dose of tech news. Continue Reading…


Staff picks for the week of Oct. 5, 2015

Staff Picks GeneralTechnology is constantly pushing limits and today’s Staff Picks show how far, from apps for your cat to a potential mushroom-powered smartphone. Read on for our take on these stories and more.

Why your cat needs an iPad (read by Camillia S.)

Nothing is safe from the digital era. We wear technology and give our toddlers iPads to play with while we take on the rest of the duties of the day. So it’s only right that pets are the next marketing target for tech toys and gadgets. Technically, pet parents are the targets, but pets are the beneficiaries of all the new animal-friendly apps and gadgetry. Friskies, a popular brand of cat food, has been creating digital cat games since 2011. Who knew? Instead of sitting on your couch and having your cat chase a laser beam, now there’s an app for that. I always thought that we looked forward to spending time with our pets, but with the introduction of apps and tech toys I’m starting to think we may see them as more of a nuisance. Continue Reading…


Staff picks for the week of Sept. 28, 2015

Staff Picks GeneralAs technology advances, many people wonder just how far it’ll go. Will machines and robots become self-aware? So far that answer is no, but artificial intelligence is being applied in new and interesting ways. At the same time, other technological advances are aimed at increasing our safety. That said, technology isn’t always applied to good intentions. Read on for this week’s Staff Picks. Continue Reading…

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Staff picks for the week of Sept. 14, 2015

Staff Picks General

Check out this week’s staff picks for some powerful and innovative applications of technology.

9 tech podcasts so addictive, your friends should start planning the intervention (Read by Camillia S.)

When did listening to non-musical entertainment become so popular? It’s a reassurance that all things old become new again in some way or another. Forbes contributor The Muse identifies nine tech podcasts that almost anyone — from the super fan to the tech novice – can enjoy. Podcasts are great to listen to while you drive and while you work, if you’re up to multi-task. I think I’ll get started on the list this week! Continue Reading…

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Staff picks for the week of Aug. 25, 2015

Staff Picks GeneralToday we look at new tech, a new tech hotspot, and an unfolding challenge for tech startups.

The Noise Around You Could Strengthen Your Passwords (Read by Heidi B.)

Who knew the clink of a dish could better protect you from hackers? The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is making that possible with its new Sound-Proof authentication tool. When users log in to a Sound-Proof-enabled site, the tool automatically (read: you don’t have to do anything!) pings both your browser and your phone, captures a few seconds of ambient sound from each, and compares the two to ensure they are indeed in the same room. This is in contrast to standard two-factor authentication, which requires you to enter a code from your phone to access a website on a PC. An effortless way to better protect yourself – that’s something I can get behind! Continue Reading…

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Staff picks for the week of Aug. 3, 2015

Staff Picks GeneralLike the people who use it, technology constantly evolves. Today’s staff picks show just how far it’s come in the last decade.

The evolution of Windows startup sounds, from Windows 3.1 to 10 (Read by Nick G.)

For years Windows users heard a distinct sound every time they started their computers. But the times are changing, and this startup music has been cut from the new version of Windows. Whether you’re sad or overjoyed, take a walk down memory lane with Mashable and enjoy the nostalgia.

Today’s Kids Have No Idea How the First iPod Worked (Read by Heidi B.)

It seems like it was yesterday that I got my first iPod, so it’s hard to believe that today’s kids don’t know how to use the click wheel device that was such a big innovation at the time. In this video, you’ll see kids tinkering with a first generation iPod and the confusion that follows — the lack of a touch screen and the music-only functionality boggles the minds of these little ones. It’s amazing how quickly technology has advanced; less than 10 years ago we were taught how to use a touch screen, yet today’s youngsters have never known life without it. It makes me wonder what tech will be like 10 years from now.

The US Navy is 3D-printing custom drones on its ships (Read by Camillia S.)

The U.S. Navy is combining two of the trendiest technologies to make drone missions easier for sailors at sea. Naval ships will leave for sea with the necessary parts to make a drone (like motors, controllers, and GPS units) but the body of the device will be emailed, printed, and assembled on board. With more ships being equipped with 3D printers for medical supplies, it seems like custom 3D-printed drones are the next wave for Navy missions.

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