Why defining your company’s business goals is the key to unified communications success

I’m asked, almost on a daily basis, what is the best unified communications (UC) solution on the market. Generally speaking, my response is, “Great question! The best UC solution is one that aligns with clearly defined business requirements.” I typically then ask the customer, “What are your business requirements for this solution?”

Seems like a logical question to ask, don’t you think? But occasionally, my question is met with an uncomfortable silence, awkward eye glances, and shifting body movements as the customer tries to articulate a response.

To all potential UC customers, I promise this question is not meant to suck you into some sort of reseller trap. Instead, it is designed to ensure the success of your UC solution. When evaluating a UC solution, clearly defining business goals is the first and most important step. For resellers, understanding how a customer expects to benefit from a solution will influence the products recommended. And for customers, the answer to this question will drive product selection and determine the solution’s success. The question is the benchmark on which customers and resellers will evaluate a UC solution.

Define your business requirements

Too often, UC projects fall short of maximizing the investment because business requirements are not fully understood by an organization upfront. To identify business requirements, customers should ask and answer what, why, and how: What are your processes today? Why do you need to change them? How are you going to benefit from those changes? Answering these questions in detail will drive the success of your solution. Continue Reading…