Lessons learned from a year in the SHI Cloud: The business model and transformative ease-of-use

If you’ve been watching this space over the past few weeks, you know that my past two blog posts have been part of a series of posts dedicated to reflecting on the first year of the SHI Cloud.

When we launched our cloud offering last summer, we knew that interactions with our customers would validate the true differentiators in our service and help us identify areas for improvement. So far, I’ve covered how our unique networking design has helped us build a successful cloud model for our customers, how we learned that customers prefer simplicity in their cloud service, and how keeping track of every single detail of the cloud for the past year has paid off.

Today, I’m nearing the end of the series with the last two lessons that the past year has taught us: the business model conversation and the importance of transformative ease-of-use. Continue Reading…

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