Recommended Reading: Cloud services help SHI redefine the buyer-seller dynamic for huge efficiency gains

Earlier this summer at the Ariba Live Conference in Washington, D.C., SHI’s John D’Aquila met with Dana Gardner, analyst at Interarbor Solutions, to talk about how the cloud, BYOD, and other technology trends are changing IT asset management and how SHI is utilizing e-commerce to help customers simplify and streamline the process.

John shared the example of SHI customer AGCO, an American agricultural equipment manufacturer. SHI developed a customized online catalog of the products and solutions that meet AGCO’s IT requirements in order to give end users plenty of approved tech options that they can obtain with a simple click while centralizing procurement and creating a more transparent process for easy reporting and oversight.

Dana’s complete Q&A with John is published on ZDNet in “Cloud services help SHI redefine the buyer-seller dynamic for huge efficiency gains.” I encourage you to read through it to learn more about how SHI’s e-commerce offering can streamline your IT product discovery and purchasing processes.

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Keep IT involved in cloud purchasing decisions

The cloud’s accessibility makes it irresistible to end users working under tight deadlines (which, let’s face it, is virtually everyone). Order a virtual machine (VM) this morning and you can deploy that VM, well, this morning. But who ensures that this new infrastructure purchase is secure, meets an organization’s established technical standards, and is compliant from a volume licensing perspective?

Even well-intentioned employees will bypass IT when pursuing a cloud initiative, often telling their IT guys, “We didn’t want to bother you.” Until there’s a problem, of course.

SHI helps IT stay involved with cloud migrations

Last week I introduced ZDNet reporter Heather Clancy to SHI and talked to her about SHI’s participation in the channel and our work in the cloud. One of the main points I tried to convey was the importance of keeping IT involved in all of an organization’s technology purchasing and procurement decisions, cloud included. It was a theme that Heather picked up on and featured in her article, “SHI’s cloud mantra: Keep IT involved.”

Since Heather’s article went live, our sales teams have heard from numerous CIOs who were interested in learning more how SHI can keep IT more involved in what technologies their end users are bringing into their environment. Specifically, they asked how we can help them identify which consumer-based products are lurking in their environments so they can stop and replace them with a secure, enterprise-class solution.

Full disclosure: SHI only has visibility into the product lines our customers authorize us to manage. Most of our largest, longtime customers have found that the easiest way to manage a product line is to have as many IT purchases go through SHI as possible. It’s far easier for an IT manager to tell end users to “Call SHI” than to evaluate, source, procure, and deploy every new request they get.

So how do we do it? SHI helps organizations manage their IT environments in several ways: Continue Reading…

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