Ted Chalker

MobileIron Sales Support Specialist

SHI-Ted-Chalker-headshotHi everyone! My name is Ted Chalker and I’m the MobileIron Sales Support Specialist in the Hardware and Advanced Solutions department at SHI. I started at SHI as an Inside Sales Manager in February 2011, and worked in Virtualization & Cloud Pre-Sales Support after that. When I’m not writing for the SHI blog, you can usually find me promoting MobileIron and SHI’s other mobility services.

If you have any questions regarding MDM or the best way to deploy it in your organization, feel free to drop me a line at ted_chalker@shi.com.

Plugging the leak: Data loss and smartphones

Smartphones are becoming more powerful every day, and tablets have evolved to the point where people are using them as their on-the-go computing device, allowing them to leave the laptop at home. But while smartphones and tablets are sharing the spotlight with laptops for many business users, their underlying design makes them very different from a traditional PC. That difference could be putting your organization at risk. Luckily, there’s a way to get a handle on it.

The risk that I’m speaking of is data leakage. The very things that make smartphones easy to use (social sharing, constant connectivity, location services, etc.) are also putting your company’s data at risk. In fact, Forrester Research estimates that between $90 and $305 dollars can be lost per customer record. With devices carrying thousands, if not millions, of records, the total cost of a compromised device is high.

SHI-The-rising-cost-of-data-loss-CHART (more…)

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