Adoption and Change Management is your key to digital transformation
Increase Microsoft technology usage and employee satisfaction by addressing the people side of digital transformation

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Resistance to change is human nature. It’s unrealistic to expect teams to use new tools or processes simply because they are there – that’s why Adoption and Change Management (ACM) is critical to digital transformation success.

In just over six minutes, we cover all there is to know about ACM and the fundamental reasons organizations should consider ACM as a way to use, consume and drive the information they’re getting out of their Microsoft investment. In this video, you’ll learn:

  • Why ACM is important for all organizations, big and small
  • Implications of failing to consider ACM strategies
  • Why digital transformation projects fail
  • The top three benefits of ACM

Discover how SHI is helping organizations develop Adoption and Change Management strategies to increase technology usage and employee satisfaction.

SHI's Guide to Adoption and Change Management

In this guide, our ACM experts at SHI review 5 key considerations, best practices, and pitfalls around supporting technology change, including what it takes to get buy-in that drives adoption and value across your organization.