How to successfully integrate SAM tools into your ITAM program

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With software today costing organizations more than the hardware it’s run on, it’s no surprise that for many organizations, IT asset management (ITAM) starts with gaining control of their software.

And so, when those organizations make the decision to take control of their software licensing to more effectively manage contracts and subscriptions and to cut the costs associated with software consumption across different platforms and devices, their first thought often is to purchase a software asset management (SAM) tool.

But just as buying a new accounting system won’t automatically make you profitable and buying a new customer relationship management (CRM) technology won’t instinctively create stronger relationships, technology alone isn’t enough to ensure successful ITAM.

Despite this, many organizations still perceive SAM tools as a silver bullet or don’t understand entirely what they’re getting at the time of purchase. Early results from a survey we’re conducting with The ITAM Review suggest that organizations typically underestimate the amount of resources and effort required to maintain SAM technology, and that functionality doesn’t quite match the original sales pitch.

This aligns with Gartner research from 2018 which found that “Through 2020, only 25% of enterprises will be satisfied that their SAM tool purchases align well with pre-purchase expectations of value.”

SAM and license management can be complex. It typically requires a specialized skill set, and many organizations don’t have the necessary in-house software compliance expertise to manage and run the tool on their own.

As such, organizations should really scrutinize their ability to get the most out of a SAM tool before making the decision to purchase one.

It may be worth exploring other options like a combined technology and services solution that provides access to class-leading SAM tools and licensing and technical experts that know how to optimize your use of technology — not just on day one, but on an ongoing basis.

For additional best practices, advice, and keys to successful SAM tool deployment, join me and Martin Thompson of The ITAM Review in a webinar on May 4. We’ll also cover how to get the most out of your partnerships with SAM managed services providers.

Register today for the webinar and be sure to take our survey beforehand to see how your SAM experiences stack up against your peers.