Managing distributed IT assets efficiently and cost effectively

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In the previous sessions of our Hybrid Workforce Webinar Series, we’ve covered everything from modernizing infrastructures with new applications and workloads to securing the hybrid workforce to setting up your workforce for success.

Starting May 11, we’ll close out the series with a group of webinars dedicated to helping IT and procurement leaders balance the need to support their organization’s shift to remote work with top-down mandates to cut technology costs.

In these weekly webinars, you can expect answers to a range of questions, including:

  • How do I right-size SaaS contracts and gain full visibility over cloud investments?
  • How do I efficiently manage the asset lifecycle now that some employees will return to the office and others will opt for a hybrid model?
  • How do I extend IT governance to assets now dispersed across many locations?
  • How do I do all this efficiently and cost effectively?

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Hybrid Workforce3 webinars dedicated to managing distributed IT assets efficiently and cost effectively

Managing distributed IT assets for a hybrid workforce: Rightsizing your cloud and SaaS

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2020 was a year of challenges. While security proved the top concern for many SHI customers, cost and governance were a close second and third.

In this webinar, SHI’s ITAM and Cloud experts will share real-world stories of how they advised customers on improving governance and making architectural improvements to reduce costs. You can expect to hear examples of how they helped customers remediate waste found in their environments, whether from SaaS, cloud resources, or some combination of the two.

They’ll round out the session by sharing best practices for operating your cloud more cost effectively, containing SaaS sprawl, and right-sizing SaaS contracts.

Managing distributed IT assets for a hybrid workforce: End-user devices

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How do you provision, support, and manage end-user devices in the era of hybrid work?

We’ll explore how Device-as-a-Service can help IT teams efficiently manage the asset lifecycle for an increasingly geographically dispersed workforce, while maintaining end-user productivity and staying within budget.

In this webinar, we’ll also tackle the delivery and management of the entire digital experience. Not just around managing the device itself, but also exploring governance standards around devices, personas, and applications.

Managing distributed IT assets for a hybrid workforce: The Role of ITAM

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As you prepare to take stock of your software landscape and assess the general health of your environment, a strong ITAM strategy can be the key to eliminating waste, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and extracting full value from your technology investments.

In this panel we’ll cover a range of topics, including:

  • Best practices for discovering and inventorying remote assets
  • Recommendations for remediating the fallout from the rush to migrate to cloud
  • Insights into extending IT governance to remote assets
  • Maturing ITAM and SAM practices to support new user and device types

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