A sustainable learning platform: Boost your K-12 professional development now:
Satisfy your educators’ appetite for quality PD with a single tool.

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All educators strive to make lifelong learners out of their students. But who’s helping teachers remain lifelong learners themselves? K-12 institutions across the country are struggling to provide accessible and relevant professional development (PD) to their educators and support teams. Beyond their curriculum, educators need a development tool that is readily available and extremely impactful, one with accountability for administration and teachers alike. Luckily, such a platform has already been developed and it’s ready to do some developing for you. Meet myEduscape: the key to K-12 PD that’s available through SHI.

The right professional development must be as functional and beneficial as any food source: affordable, sustainable, and accessible. MyEduscape feeds users with over 30 learning paths and over 100 scenario-based courses in the following areas:

  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Data and Assessment
  • Collaborative Teaching
  • Leadership in Practice

Here’s what else is on the menu:


The best meals are multi-course. MyEduscape is no different. Their self-assessments create recommended learning paths for each educator, providing opportunities that support teacher retention and growth. While other systems are ineffective at building an institution’s capacity, this platform provides the foundation to cook up a cohort of experts. It additionally offers consistent onboarding regardless of start date, attendance, or leave of absence. With a spread of content that also provides coaching opportunities throughout the school year, myEduscape is the buffet you’ll want to cut the line for (on behalf of your educators, of course).


Even the best of meals can be ruined by the check, and external PD can be notoriously limited and expensive. Luckily, myEduscape lessens your payment and doubles your portions with “Choose Your Own Path” bundle pricing:

  • 4 paths: 16 courses/32 hours of instruction
  • 6 paths: 24 courses/48 hours of instruction
  • 8 paths: 32 courses/64 hours of instruction
  • Unlimited Path (includes vouchers for Google Level 1 & 2 certification)
  • Special pricing for DEI content, social-emotional learning, and first-year teachers

Fortunately, several avenues exist to help foot the bill. SHI offers a free grant consultation program that can be utilized to find local, state, and federal funding for professional development. Institutions who received ESSER funding (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief) can also utilize it to fund professional development. Other avenues, like a Sourcewell contract, are additionally at your disposal, which is an approved national contract vehicle that can be leveraged to purchase myEduscape for you. Similar to a gift card that’s burning a hole in your wallet, you’ll want to spend the money that these entities are happy to put in your pocket.


When we want a snack, we want it fast. Like your favorite delivery app, myEduscape gives your educators brainfood whenever they want it, delivering on-demand, asynchronous learning through self-paced courses. Educators can learn and re-learn when it is convenient and most meaningful. They’re even free to participate in social learning communities that provide opportunities for cross-curricular and cohort collaboration. This curated content provides everyone with engaging simulations that make content relevant and actionable, providing a consistent foundation of pedagogy.

Additionally, all courses are aligned to ISTE standards and Danielson framework, offering pathways for blended learning and instructional strategies for Google and Microsoft. As their work continues, educators can also create digital portfolios to track and share the knowledge they’ve sampled from their courses.

Your development, your way

A customized meal that’s delivered quickly and shared in good company can do wonders to develop happiness and community. Why should professional development be any different? SHI is happy to help to ease your PD hunger pangs. Contact our K-12/Higher Education Professional Development team for guidance with your institution’s digital transformation today.