SHI mobility experts roll out thousands of devices and millions in savings

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Happy Friday! In an effort to shake things up, we’ll now be publishing a monthly roundup of the latest case studies that are featured on For 28 years SHI has been providing world-class support and innovative solutions to our customers, and it’s about time we start highlighting some of the value we – along with our partners – provide.

Utility company saves $2.5 million, amps up productivity with rugged laptops

What happens when a company’s devices can’t keep up with the demands of its growing business? A significant drop in productivity. One large U.S. utility company enlisted SHI to select, deploy, and manage 3,700 rugged Dell laptops to replace its aging field devices. SHI completed the job in just under six months and saved the company $2.5 million.

Data center expansion needed to support merging IT security firms

Mergers are never easy, especially when it comes to combining each company’s data center into one without disruption. SHI had the expertise and partnerships in place to smooth the process. After several data center assessments, SHI proposed a multi-vendor hardware and managed security services solution (being vendor agnostic comes in handy!). The end result? An 18-month project that will save the customer over $1 million in total cost of ownership.

SHI Integration Center hammers out complex mobility rollout for tool distributor

Early last year we opened our 300,000 square-foot Integration Center, and cases like this that make us glad we did. One U.S. industrial distributor needed to roll out 1,000 Apple iPad mini 2 devices across 2,600 branches nationwide. SHI’s mobility experts and configuration technicians didn’t skip a beat in getting the devices configured, kitted, tagged, and deployed in a reasonable time frame. SHI is currently working to deploy an additional 3,000 iPads to other locations by the end of the year. offers a library of case studies and projects we’re working on, and we’ll continue to provide some highlights here as well. If anything piques your interest, be sure to reach out to your SHI representative!

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