New SHI Cloud Briefing Center makes cloud computing cool

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Remember when the future was cool? Well, it is again.

Between 2011 and 2014, the worldwide cloud market is estimated to grow 126.5 percent. This growth will be driven, in part, by 122 percent growth in Infrastructure-as-a-Service. These predictions and, perhaps more compellingly, the recent rate of adoption of IaaS and other cloud solutions make it clear: The cloud IS the future for businesses and organizations of just about any size and industry. And SHI’s new NYC Cloud Briefing Center is making that future cool.

Opened today, the Cloud Briefing Center (located on the 42nd floor at 1 Penn Plaza) is a futuristic office that delivers a comprehensive view of SHI’s cloud services, technologies, and capabilities in an immersive and interactive environment.

Visitors to the Briefing Center step through the vanishing frosted glass door and are immediately transported back to the future. A live video stream of SHI Cloud Data Centers; an on-site SHI vCore (service core); and a 3-D tour of SHI’s Cloud architecture showcase the features and functionality of the SHI Cloud and give visitors a behind-the-scenes look at what makes their cloud solutions tick. And a 3-D sci-fi video, produced by L.A. production company Mammoth Sound and Vision and narrated by SHI’s cloud computing mascot HA-NA, documents the history of cloud computing, from its origins at the 1964 World’s Fair to the present day.

The press release we issued today has the rest of the juicy details, and the photos below provide a quick glimpse into the future of cloud computing.

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Remember when the future was cool?

BLAST OFF: SHI launches new Cloud Briefing Center

DEEP DIVE: Behind the scenes of the SHI Cloud

But don’t take this post’s word for how cool cloud computing can be. Contact us at to schedule an appointment to check out the Briefing Center for yourself.

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