Office 365 add-ons: How to secure, protect, and archive O365 data

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Office 365 now boasts over 120 million monthly active users. Its rapid rise has been fueled by the flexibility, ease of access, and powerful simplicity of the SaaS applications it provides.

While Microsoft is great at delivering these applications, many organizations overlook management of the data generated by O365 apps. You have a certain responsibility to secure your data, ensure it’s backed up, and maintain compliance.

Luckily there are several third-party tools that will help you do all of these things. Here are the O365 add-ons you need to secure, back up, and archive your O365 data.

Understand shared security

Microsoft is responsible for securing O365 itself; it provides security for the back-end data center, hosts, and network needed to run O365 applications. You’re responsible for security within your O365 apps, including data governance and rights management, client endpoint security, and account and access management.

Strong passwords and privilege rights are necessary to improve your O365 security posture. Third-party extensions and add-ons for single sign-on, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Advanced Threat Protection are among the solutions needed to secure O365 data. Content controls, malware scanning, and DLP monitoring all help secure sensitive data within O365 and prevent potential threats from intruding.

Protect your data

Securing O365 data is a great start, but backing up data within O365 is absolutely imperative. Native O365 backup is limited and offers no way to protect against accidental deletion of Exchange, SharePoint, or OneDrive Data. O365 restore requests can take days or weeks to fulfill, if they can be fulfilled at all.

Due to these limitations, having a SaaS backup solution to recover data is critical. Veeam Backup for O365 is one of the most visible solutions for O365 backup. However, it requires you to maintain an on-premises backup repository, which is not attractive if you’re utilizing cloud.

CloudAlly and Backupify are two leading cloud-native O365 backup solutions that provide strong automation and ease of use. Veritas SaaS Backup is a feature-rich, cloud-native option that offers role-based access control, granular restore, unlimited storage, and other functionality not yet offered by other vendors.

Archive for compliance

Backing up O365 data allows you to protect against accidental deletion, unwanted changes, and ransomware. But to comply with regulations like SOX, GDPR, HIPAA, and the Freedom of Information Act, archiving is necessary.

Journal archiving is commonly used with on-premises Exchange. Incoming and outgoing email is captured immediately in an immutable journal mailbox and preserved in their original state. This journal is archived by a solution that offers additional information governance functionality.

Most organizations are chagrined to discover that you cannot utilize an Exchange online mailbox as a journal mailbox and thus cannot journal archive within O365. Due to this limitation, third-party cloud archiving services are gaining popularity.

Veritas Enterprise, Mimecast Cloud Archive, and Proofpoint Information Archiving are the three leaders in this space. These solutions provide classification, retention, search, and eDiscovery features that enable reviewers to efficiently respond to litigation and compliance requests.

Utilizing these additional tools for archiving, backup, and security will help you bridge the gaps in O365 for a more comprehensive SaaS solution.

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