CPX 360 recap: What’s new in cloud and mobile security

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One of the biggest concerns about migrating to the cloud was also one of the biggest topics of conversation at this year’s CPX 360: security. With more companies migrating to the cloud every day, it’s no surprise the number of cloud security offerings continues to grow with them.

At CPX 360 this year, Check Point even debuted a new conference track devoted to cloud security. From the keynotes to the conversations I had on the show floor, here are three topics on the future of cloud and mobile security that generated the most buzz.

Multi-cloud security

Though the deal happened late last year, it was all I was hearing about from other attendees. Dome9’s platform-agnostic products meet the security control needs of many clients moving from on-premises security environments to cloud environments.

Especially as companies use multiple cloud environments throughout their business, vendor-neutral products like Dome9 become vitally important to address security continuity in cloud environments.

Securing mobile devices in the age of BYOD

Check Point also put a spotlight on mobile device security at CPX 360. That focus mirrors the industry shifting from stationary, desktop workstations to tablets and phones. Companies are also more frequently permitting employees to use their own devices for corporate communications and to access corporate resources, opening up a whole new vulnerability point for corporate environments.

One of the difficulties of the bring-your-own-device model is improving security without disrupting an employee’s personal use of their phone or tablet. Typically, there’s a trade-off between security and personal use, but Check Point is working to minimize that interference.

Its solution dynamically separates personal and business use on a device, while providing increased security in both worlds. While most commonly available solutions for mobile security are standalone, this one incorporates with and is managed by the overall corporate security platform.

Hyperscale network security

Though cloud security and mobile security were at the center of the event, CPX 360 unveiled a new product in a different space: Maestro, a hyperscale network security solution. The solution can add up to 52 gateways, scaling up seamlessly the same way companies scale up with the cloud.

All this boils down to: If you want to stack 52 firewalls on top of one another, creating one large, seamless firewall environment, you definitely can. In tandem, Check Point also showed off a new series of firewalls that should allow for impressive scalability.

Bonus: SHI named SLED Partner of the Year

To wrap up this recap, I wanted to share one of my favorite parts of CPX 360: Check Point named SHI a SLED Partner of the Year and Highest New Customer Acquisition!

Not to brag, but Check Point only gives out about four or five partner awards in the U.S. per year. We’re excited to grow our partnership with them, and keep you updated on how to better lock down your mobile and cloud security.