Transform your hybrid cloud with SHI’s Hybrid Cloud On-Ramp Program:
Drive your success with our hybrid cloud deployment methodology

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From your first venture into the cloud to optimizing or refactoring existing applications, your organization relies on a smart, agile cloud strategy to succeed.

A multi-cloud model will increasingly impact digital business over the next two decades. Currently, 76% of businesses leverage two or more public clouds with an average of 2.3 clouds in use. From cloud services and security to compliance and performance, organizations want choice and flexibility on their cloud journeys.

SHI’s Hybrid Cloud On-Ramp Program guides the way and accelerates adoption of multi-cloud by leveraging VMware Cloud as an on-ramp to next generation hybrid cloud infrastructure. Featured in the SHI-led breakout session at VMware Explore, this methodology includes cloud services capable of supporting digital technologies to drive business outcomes. The foundation of this offering is VMware-dependent but extends to native cloud workloads as well, with the ability to run on major public clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud.

So, what exactly is the Hybrid Cloud On-Ramp Program?

Developed by SHI’s ridiculously helpful engineering team, the program addresses real customer challenges witnessed first-hand, including adapting to new processes, re-architecting applications for the public cloud, implementing security and governance, and managing cost, time, and risk assessments for the cloud.

When working to solve these challenges, VMware Cloud consistently provides compatibility everywhere, including standardized container orchestration and API integration needed for hybrid cloud migrations. With a five times higher developer productivity rate, VMware Cloud is one of the fastest paths to a cloud of your choice for all applications.

Methodology to transform

Our first step is to work with your stakeholders to understand your business outcomes and capture the current state of your environment. SHI will help analyze on-premises infrastructure, and evaluate any cloud presence and what resources are being consumed. We will also review workloads, disaster recovery plans, networking, and security posture.

Next, we provide a Hybrid Cloud Readiness assessment. Leveraging a variety of tools, our experts help you understand existing private cloud cost, compare public and private cloud costs, and enable IT teams to share information with lines of business – quantifying cloud consumption to make a sound decision on where to run workloads.

This assessment will help you understand the total cost of installed private cloud infrastructure, make informed decisions about moving workloads to the cloud, and develop process-driven policies that shape recommendations for optimizing and modernizing remaining applications.

Putting the plan in motion

A planning workshop propels your cloud journey forward. Using the strategic plan derived from the current state session, we will align the appropriate workshops to deliver a logical design prior to onboarding. The objective and calls to action for the workshop will include:

  • Technical solution overview and demonstration
  • Network and security design planning
  • HCX design and migration planning
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery architecture
  • Native cloud services integration

Following the workshop, our team will begin the VMware Cloud onboarding process, which includes:

  • VMware Cloud preflight readiness
  • Service activation and organization creation
  • Identity and access management (IAM) to VMC organization
  • SDDC creation
  • Validation of successful SDDC creation and knowledge transfer

After navigating the onboarding process, we will begin the final design and deploy model. This may include a variety of steps, from activation and user invitations to standing up your business continuity and native cloud services to AWS, Azure, Google, or Alibaba.

Paving a path for success

Once you are onboarded and have established your hybrid cloud, SHI’s cloud-native subject matter experts can piece your entire multi-cloud footprint together to give you the agility you need to drive business outcomes.

Post implementation, SHI can assign a VMware Cloud adoption manager with access to cloud architects and technical expertise. Here are three use cases where we can help your organization:

  1. Operationalizing and consuming VMware Cloud effectively
  2. Uncovering greater efficiencies and lowering costs with managed cloud services
  3. Improving visibility into your cloud spend, usage, and governance support

No matter the destination – public, private, or hybrid cloud environments – SHI’s Hybrid Cloud On-Ramp Program helps you accelerate the migration of complex workloads, including legacy applications and database environments. Contact your SHI account team to get on board and drive your cloud initiatives forward.