Stratascale launches new Stratacast video series:
In-depth conversations with our experts, designed to give you the perspectives you need to stay ahead

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We are excited to announce the launch of a new video series from our experts at Stratascale. We call it the Stratacast, and this ongoing series will discuss the most pressing headlines in the technology landscape, how they impact you and your business, and what you can do about them. It’s the perspective today’s organizations need to get – and stay – ahead.

In our first segment, Stratascale Field CISO Michael Wilcox talks about recent high-profile ransomware attacks, as well as discussions he’s had with cybersecurity leaders from Fortune 1,000 companies.

He’ll explain how today’s attacks are evolving, and how you’ll need to protect your organization against supply chain and other newer types of threats by using integrated risk management, identity and access management, and multi factor authentication. There are unfortunately no magic bullet solutions, but this opening Stratacast episode should give you plenty to think about.