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What’s in a name? A lot, actually.

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It’s been said that to name something is to know it. When it comes to your work, is there anything more crucial to know than your computer? It turns out the conduit for all your productivity isn’t just telling your stories; it has one all its own.

Meet Dave, a sleek MacBook Pro with ambitious dreams. From the day he’s procured to his eventual recycling, he’ll experience an entire lifecycle in an organization. You may think Dave just woke up like this, but getting Dave out of bed is a PROCESS. Classic Dave. It’s probably classic you too. Whether you’re part of an enterprise, a state and local institution, or in education, let’s take a trip through Dave’s life to learn how we can ensure that both of you thrive at every stage.


Amidst rows of identical Macs, Dave awaits the right home. You may think Dave is only destined for the creative department or development, but no…Dave is everywhere. He’s in hotshot sales meetings, answering phone calls at the best customer service and customer success jobs; he’s hanging around in engineering. Sometimes, however, the IT folks are stingy and don’t always share Dave with the rest of the company.

But that’s all changing now that finance can accept the lower pricing of the MacBook Air M2.

Bottom line: the more of Dave, the better. He knows it; we know it; soon you’ll know it too because special pricing programs are available for volume purchase if you spend at least $100K in the last 12 months through the reseller channel. Dave is pretty agreeable, so it makes sense that he loves SHI. The contract negotiations are simple, and the services are global. And that’s just the first stage.


Once selected, Dave is meticulously prepared for his user, starting with First Article Build to verify that Dave has the proper software installations and configurations. Dave is enrolled in Apple Business or Apple School Manager, so your device management solution can monitor him while he works. Not only is he a quick study, but he’s well-behaved. Dave will not be allowed to visit nefarious websites or retain pesky viruses. A three-pronged approach to security – identity and access management, device management, and advanced threat protection – is best to keep Dave safe and successful.

Integration centers

Dave’s provisioning process starts in one of the SHI integration centers worldwide. We take the dusty brown boxes Dave arrives in and responsibly recycle them in bulk. We open Dave up, get him talking, and ensure his identity and access are connected to your infrastructure. He’ll be in good company: We have the scale, capacity, and experience to ship hundreds of Macs like Dave daily.

Asset tagging

To ensure he’s always identifiable, Dave gets a unique asset tag. Just like him, every device needs one.

You may not think Dave needs a unique identifier like a physical asset tag today, but as your family of Macs grows, you’ll want to distinguish one Dave from his older or younger brothers. Trust us; SHI and Dave go back a long way—since the early 2000s. We’ve been through a lot together, including a pandemic. During the COVID crisis, our integration centers never closed thanks to the dedicated staff. This knowledgeable, diverse group works day and night to give Dave a better life and are very proud of what he has become. It won’t take long for you to be too.

Kitting and bundling

Dave is then bundled with essential peripherals, ensuring his users have all they need on Day 1.

For Dave to make the best impression on his first day of work, he must dress to impress. You control the dress code. Fix him up with your logo and more!

He’s finally yours!

Now what?

Asset recovery

Dave was skillfully wiped clean when his last user moved to newer horizons, ensuring he was ready for the next adventure. He lives longer than his Windows counterparts, generally about five years in total. That means you don’t have to refresh devices as much. The Apple ecosystem’s self-service nature also reduces Dave’s support costs—because even Dave has his off days.

Sick days for Dave

Like everyone, Dave is sometimes under the weather and needs a little R&R: rest and repair. Luckily, timely interventions can ensure he’s always at peak performance.

SHI can quantify how much value Dave loses every day he is out of commission. We know how much it can cost, so you never have to. We suggest purchasing AppleCare for every Dave you buy. In the Enterprise version of AppleCare, you can extend coverage to four years for Macs like Dave, three years for iPhones, and four years for iPad.


As Dave ages, he knows that he still has something to give. To get to greener pastures, he has to go through recycling—and SHI is here to help him along. By being a part of this process, you’re also a part of other sustainability efforts, extending from our LEED-certified buildings to our partnership with the UN Global Compact.

Dave’s successes

Many Apple devices like Dave have seen different fates in various companies. Check out this real-life journey:

PROBLEM: Multinational pioneer in AL/ML divested from Fortune 50 parent company

SOLUTION: Greenfield Jamf instance installed, configured, and managed on behalf of the spin-off


  • Deployed 2,000 Mac new-hire kits to four countries
  • Improved out-of-the-box experience with Jamf Connect
  • Saved $500k in consulting fees from a leading professional service firm
  • Attracted talent

Dave gets results. He can for you too. SHI makes sure of it. Contact us to enrich your toolkit, increase productivity, and form a sustainable device management strategy today.