Transforming the modern workplace with SHI
What is driving digital transformation in the modern workplace, and how can your organization swiftly adapt?

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Global organizations are rapidly transforming their approach to modern workplace solutions. The shift to hybrid working, a greater emphasis on employee satisfaction, and focus on sustainability are driving IT and operations leaders to modernize their approach to end-user computing, device selection and provisioning, and technology management. Organizations recognize they must use technology to innovate, stay competitive, and meet changing customer expectations. This demand for transformation comes at a time where global supply chain difficulties add complication, delay, and expense to IT programs.

In this ebook, we highlight the business drivers behind modern workplace transformation, and share insights into how the largest organizations in the world use technology to modernize end-user computing and the wider digital workplace. We also share how you can work with SHI to drive IT transformation with confidence. SHI provides a compelling mix of OEM partners, technology experts, value-add services, and integration facilities to enable global organizations to select the right technology, at lower costs, with increased efficiency and at scale.

Read our ebook for a ridiculously helpful guide on transforming the modern workplace, including how to:

  • Reduce the burden on IT
  • Ensure new hire productivity from hour one
  • Empower employees with device choice
  • Mitigate global supply chain shortages
  • Manage end-user device growth
  • Drive optimization with IT innovation
  • Meet decarbonization and sustainability goals
  • Protect your devices, users, and data