HP Reinvent 2019: Emphasizing a ‘customer-first’ mentality

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From the world’s most secure PCs to the future of virtual reality (VR) in the workplace, HP Reinvent 2019 had no shortage of headline-grabbing announcements.

But the big focus was not just on new technology – it was on building a better, more focused customer experience.

More than 1,400 executives and decision-makers from HP’s biggest partners gathered in Houston from March 18 to 20 to learn how the company planned to make this message a reality. We left with a new appreciation for how HP is working customer feedback into their offerings, many tailored for specific industries and verticals.

Here are the biggest takeaways from HP Reinvent 2019.

HP refocuses its attention

HP has always been attuned to the customer experience but is now refocusing on driving product development based on what customers need and want. This goes hand-in-hand with staying on top of the latest technology trends, and the pursuit of ever-thinner, ever-lighter devices with top-notch performance and best-in-class customer support.

HP wants customer feedback on its products; it wants to know how customers feel about a product’s weight, feel, and look. This might lead to offerings built to specific customer preferences, over time creating a genuine attachment to the HP brand.

What are the customer satisfaction rates for HP products? Are customers re-buying the same HP products during refresh cycles? What key features do customers want that are not available today? These are a few of the metrics HP plans to hone in on, so when it’s creating new products and offerings, it is leaning into the ones customers have a real affinity for.

The world’s most secure PCs and printers

HP has been certified as the world’s most secure for both PC and printer, and it was proudly touting that in presentations throughout the week.

This declaration is the result of HP’s heavy investment in security over the last few years. It infused BIOS protection into both PCs and printers, including an extra copy of the BIOS so if a hacker corrupts the original, the copy kicks in and the PC or printer will not be compromised. Other key features, like HP Sure Click, protects user email and browser clicks so that no malware can be loaded onto the PC. HP’s best-in-class built-in digital privacy screens continue to be a focus as well, enabling users to shield their screen from anyone behind or to the side of them with the press of a key.

Security breaches have hamstrung companies of all sizes, and organizations want to know their devices and data are protected. These features, unique to HP, do exactly that.

VR is set to change industries

Alex Cho, vice president and general manager of HP’s commercial PC business, discussed a plethora of topics in the main PC keynote. He placed an emphasis on the value of the VR space – particularly as it pertains to the customer experience.

HP is pushing the use of VR to help many verticals and organizations to visualize projects while they are still at the design stage. One example showcased how car companies can visualize 3D models of vehicles before moving forward with manufacturing through the use of VR, allowing designers and engineers to walk through vehicles still in the design stage. HP is about to release the world’s highest resolution VR headset to make this vision for the future clearer and brighter than ever. Very cool stuff.

HP goes vertical

Another area where HP is emphasizing their creative offerings is with vertical-specific hardware, particularly around healthcare and retail.

Instead of just releasing a healthcare device in name alone, HP is asking doctors, medical technicians, and specialists about their needs, and what features and certifications their ideal PC and print hardware would have. Similarly, HP is polling representatives from top retail accounts about what technology can drive better engagement and demand in their stores. HP wants to create products for a specific purpose; focusing on how those professionals use devices and build them accordingly, down to niche features and hardened casings so they can take whatever these verticals throw at them.

Putting the customer first

Whether the conversation was about innovations in PCs, vertical-specific devices, or security, HP Reinvent 2019 kept the customer’s needs at the heart of it all. It was a great showcase of new technology, and got all SHI attendees very excited about what is right around the corner.

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