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Discover the benefits of modern management combined with drop ship

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Finding the balance between IT-centric and user-driven device deployment is often the key to providing day one productivity for new employees and existing users with new devices. By having the appropriate tools and workflow in place, you can optimize the ready-for-work experience while also reducing time and costs.

SHI has helped many of our customers deliver this ideal state by integrating drop ship provisioning with VMware Workspace ONE as part of a broad set of factory provisioning, Zero Touch X, and digital workplace solutions. From acquisition through streamlined device configuration and deployment to ongoing white glove support and end-of-life asset recovery, SHI supports the entire lifecycle of end-user devices.

We take a holistic approach through our strategic partnership with VMware, industry-leading device OEMs, and productivity software vendors. Across your entire end-user solutions stack, we help you envision and reach your desired future state.

Adopt and change

Many organizations struggle to visualize the transition from the current state of traditional device provisioning and management to a more modern, less IT-dependent approach. This is where engaging with SHI on a demo or test drive often helps reveal what’s possible. SHI’s approach is to clearly define key business and IT objectives, then scope out a solution that fits your unique use case.

We understand that introducing new software, hardware, or platforms means change – whether that’s in the form of different processes, modified behaviors, or new capabilities to exploit. To achieve your desired results, change requires careful planning, communication, and education. Having an Adoption and Change Management (ACM) strategy is an important step to ensure the changes you implement are adopted and make a lasting impact across your organization.

Regularly scheduled health checks are also essential to ensure your environment remains optimized. As your organization’s needs evolve, decision makers should continue to review feature roadmaps to remain agile.

Explore adaptive technology

Want to learn how you can achieve seamless, secure onboarding that balances employee experience, IT management, and security? Discover the benefits of modern management combined with drop ship. With adaptive, flexible technology that eliminates IT headaches, new hires and existing employees can work from anywhere – whether at home or the office – and have a user experience that allows them to jump right in.

Join SHI Senior Solutions Architect Michael Hart on September 1 as he leads a breakout session at VMware Explore and see what it takes to begin your journey to a frictionless hybrid workplace. This session dives deep into everything you need to know about drop ship, including online and offline provisioning.

Not going to VMware Explore but still want to learn more? Contact us to connect with our VMware team and see how you can get started on the Any Workplace journey.