Achieve business goals faster with Device as a Service

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As the enterprise IT grows increasingly complex, more organizations are adopting “as-a-service” offerings. One of the newest, Device as a Service (DaaS) combines end-user hardware acquisition, security, and management into a managed service that delivers value in several ways:

  • IT staffs previously tasked with multiple routine tasks associated with the management and support of end-user hardware are now free to focus on strategic activity to drive the business.
  • End users can receive newer computing and mobile devices more often, and get better support on those devices.
  • Combining hardware, service, and support in a single managed service provides a more predictable cost model.

The below infographic provides an overview of these benefits and what they might mean to your organization. To learn more about how organizations are improving productivity through mobile solutions, keep an eye on our coverage or contact your account executive.

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