5 ways to deploy tablets in your retail store

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From national chains to neighborhood shops, retailers understand that tablets can greatly enhance shopper experiences and they continue adopting this technology in store. Tablets and their applications possess such potential for changing the way people shop and spend that eventually all stores will be connected.

Today’s shoppers are more knowledgeable than ever before, and they’re demanding in-store, experience-altering technology – digital price tags that reflect price changes, kiosks that provide assistance and deals, and mobile checkouts, for example. Retailers are appealing to these shoppers with tablets, and are using these devices to interact with shoppers and to drive sales.

Here are five ways retail stores are creatively using tablets to reach today’s shoppers:

In Store Catalog -- Glacier at Argos Retail

  1. Digital signage. Digital signage allows retailers to create and manage digital content (images, videos, news, etc.) and make them available through one display or more. Tablets are versatile, and retailers can use them to display interactive store maps, product locators, in-store promotions and offers, as well as partner videos and advertising. Tablets can be used to interact with customers, and offer sales on specific items the customer has shown interest in previously. Stands like the Space iPad Enclosure and the Case Bundle and Rotating Stand integrate seamlessly on racks, stands, and tables, and enclose tablets safely. Adidas, The Burger Bar, and Shiseido retail stores use these tablet solutions to display specials and promotions.
  2. In-store catalog. Smart shoppers are your most informed customers, and they’re comfortable shopping online — or elsewhere — if they don’t find a product in your aisles. Use tablets to keep shoppers in store with kiosks that enable consumers to buy products from your online store. Tablet kiosks make the entire catalog available while saving valuable space. They also allow customers to easily compare products (in and out of stock) and see different ways products can be used or worn. For this we recommend the Pole iPad Kiosk and the Glacier iPad Kiosk. Citroen Connect, Argos Retailer, and Sephora Makeup use these kiosks to help buyers make a decision by giving specific product details.
  3. Customer feedback. Knowing what customers think of your store experience is vital, and retailers like Polarn O. Pyret and EuropCar Car Rental use in-store tablets to survey customers. These devices have opened up opportunities to get feedback from customers in a more cost-effective way. Some stores might prefer to have employees carry tablets around the store to register customer comments, but a static display, such as the iPad Enclosure and Stand and the iPad Executive Enclosure Kiosk, is less invasive and can be more appealing.
  4. Loyalty program. Tablets make it eas­y to cap­ture cus­tomer email addresses at the point of sale for loy­alty rewards pro­grams and electronic receipts. The iPad Enclosure Kiosk can be tilted or swiveled to face customers, so they can add their personal information themselves. Customers that agree to share their details allow stores to develop loy­alty pro­grams fur­ther and keep customers informed on what’s new. Compulocks’ Adjustable iPad Floor Stand is a good option for this retailer need and is used by Apple reseller stores, Team Sports Shop, and Inglot Cosmetics.
  5. Point of Sale (POS). This is likely the most ubiquitous retail use for tablets. Retail POS systems on tablets can be set up in minutes. Plus, these applications are preferred by employees because they can use one device to process payments, create customer profiles, process gift cards, look up inventory related to the product being purchased for target recommendations, and email or wirelessly print receipts. For this functionality we recommend the Slide Basic iPad POS and HoverTab Security Tablet Lock Stand.

Retailers have many options for deploying tablets in their stores, but what’s not an option is ignoring them. Tablets now play an important role in the shopping experience of today’s smart shopper as digital signs, in-store catalogs, and POS systems that offer shoppers the convenience and service they demand. Retailers that don’t have a tablet strategy risk losing customers to a seller that does.


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Alexander Gad is the Brand Manager and Security Expert at Compulocks Brands Inc. He has over 20 years of experience designing and marketing security solutions for computer and handheld devices. He leads R & D and execution for the key vertical solutions including retail, education, healthcare and enterprise industries.

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    I’m finding lots of lists for things I CAN do but few links to companies I can go through. I’m looking for digital signage (probably e-ink) and some tablets for customer interaction. Suggestions?

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