This is how Datacate got a great deal on data center space

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Datacate, a regional colocation provider, was recently in the market for new colocation space, but had strict requirements: Space had to come at the right price, but timing was the wrinkle. The entire process – negotiating contracts, ordering hardware, constructing cages, and making everything ready for move-in — would have to be completed in just over a month while keeping costs down. That’s a tight timeframe for a full implementation when constructing cages alone often takes several weeks.


The data center capital of the country

The region Datacate was considering has many colocation options, and it’s often a buyer’s market. This is because land and power are relatively cheap, and it’s highly connected. Datacate opened up a bidding war among all the data center providers in the area, certain it could find space on good terms and at a low cost.

No time for delay

SHI put together a competitive offer, confident it could be agile in delivering services and overcome any challenge to complete the work in a timeline of several weeks.

After coming in with the most competitive bid, SHI committed to completing the work on that compressed timeframe. There was no time for delay, so the two companies spent many consecutive hours finalizing the contract and planning the final deployment.

SHI’s deep roster of talent from across many teams got involved in the project, from contract negotiations to hardware purchasing to deployment. Because the implementation was happening so quickly, SHI’s teams stepped up to find solutions and fix problems immediately, rather than regrouping and starting over. For example, if a piece of hardware couldn’t be purchased from one vendor, SHI found another that could deliver the right part, often at lower cost.

SHI also could be flexible and cost effective in ways other partners, and even data center providers, couldn’t be. As a hardware provider and professional services expert, SHI was able to supply the equipment, assist in building and configuring the cages, and even offer Datacate bandwidth to provide faster networking turn-up during the provisioning process of its carrier partners. SHI also delivered more flexible cost options and billing schedules compared to the rigid terms of other providers.

The Cadillac of data centers

SHI helped Datacate deploy one of the mostly highly redundant data centers in the country. With 2N+2 levels of redundancy built into the facility, it’s far more resilient than the standard Tier 3 data center.This top-of-the-line colocation space fills out Datacate’s roster of regional locations, yielding a cross-country presence that is of significant value to its client base.

Flexing SHI’s business strengths

The deployment was completed in just weeks, and Datacate now resells space in a premier data center. Because this was no ordinary data center deployment, the work associated with it wasn’t business as usual either. SHI committed to flexible contract terms, billing, and delivering the required hardware and support.

That flexibility is attractive to Datacate and its customers, too. If any party needs new hardware or software, SHI can step in and supply the new server racks and other necessary hardware; that synergy shows there’s a straightforward process to purchasing new equipment. Best of all, Datacate is saving money and now offers its customers the incredibly redundant and always-on capabilities of a world-class data center.

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