HP changes availability of firmware updates for HP ProLiant servers: Here’s what you need to know

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HP recently announced that, effective immediately, it will only provide firmware updates to HP ProLiant server customers that have a valid warranty, Care Pack Service, or support agreement. The announcement set off a firestorm online among HP customers concerned that these changes would either force them to invest more money in their HP products or expose themselves to security risks. We’ve received many questions from SHI customers about these changes, so we decided to break them down for you here.

First, it’s important to note that these changes apply to HP ProLiant servers only, and more specifically to ProLiant system ROM and complex programming logic devices (CPLD) firmware. The entitlement requirements do not extend to HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO), I/O, or controller firmware. In addition, HP will continue to provide security and safety updates to all server customers, regardless of entitlement or warranty.

HP ProLiant servers

What HP’s firmware availability change means for you

For organizations that have HP ProLiant servers under warranties or HP-branded support entitlements, the only change is the location where updates are housed. Firmware updates were previously available via the HP IT Resource Center, which has been retired. Now customers can now obtain the latest firmware updates through the HP Support Center (HPSC) for no additional cost.

Customers without an HP-branded support contract or HP Care Pack agreement, or whose server warranty has lapsed, will have to invest in HP-branded support to ensure continued access to firmware and Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) updates.

What you get with HP-branded support

HP-branded support offers access to software, firmware, drivers, and other downloads that can be used to solve problems and maintain, manage, or upgrade HP servers. It also includes:

  • Proactive notification of product advisories
  • Proactive validation entitlement
  • Access to HP Insight Online portal with Insight Remote Support (IRS)
  • Expedited incident management with “phone home” technology
  • Guaranteed dedicated HP response time for all hardware support issues
  • 90-day tracking of incident management, support cases, and resolutions

If you don’t know if your HP ProLiant servers are covered under current support, please speak with your SHI Account Executive. By providing us your hardware serial numbers, we can check to see if the hardware is covered under current HP-branded support, and provide warranty renewal options as appropriate.

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    Thanks SHI for such amazing information on HP Proliant Servers.
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