Butler robots are cleaning up airports in this week’s staff picks

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Happy Friday! To get you through the upcoming long weekend and unofficial end of summer, here are the most interesting tech stories our team read this week.

How to stop using up all of your smartphone data (Read by Alexandria H.)

I think many of you will agree that no amount of data is ever enough—unless, of course, you have an unlimited data package. If you’re like me, it’s a constant struggle making sure you have enough data to browse, share, tweet, snap, and stream without getting hit with overage charges. This article points out some simple changes you can make to your phone’s settings to help you make the most of your data. Happy data saving!

Meet the sometime-streamer: TV watchers who sign up for one show – then cancel (Read by Camillia S.)

Remember the days before DVR? You had no more than 50 channels and setting up the VCR to record your favorite daytime television show was the only way to ensure you didn’t miss an episode. Now the TV industry is battling with a new disruptor: the sometime-streamer. These days, viewers can find quality programs across multiple networks, and those networks are providing more flexible options of consumption—namely, monthly subscription or streaming services. While convenient for the viewer, networks are finding that once a season of a particular show ends, those subscriptions are ending as well. It’s interesting to see how convenience continues to disrupt the traditional ways of consuming entertainment. I’m curious to see how traditional networks will tackle this issue.

Face scans, robot baggage handlers – airports of the future (Read by Heidi B.)

While technology has already streamlined many daily experiences, getting through the airport remains a bit tricky. But not for long! Tech is slowly but surely boosting airport efficiency. For instance, robots in South Korea’s Incheon International Airport carry luggage, and in Singapore’s Changi Airport you can spot robots dressed in butler uniforms cleaning. Robots will likely soon take on additional duties at security checks and help to print boarding passes in even more airports worldwide. I won’t lie, I’m pretty excited for a smoother airport process … and the possibility of adorable, butler robots.

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