Dyson’s electric car, EasyJet’s electric plane, and more in this week’s staff picks

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Good morning! Here are the most interesting tech stories we read this week.

Your airliner may be flying electric within a decade (Read by Alexandria H.)

EasyJet announced this week its plans to build a fuel-free aircraft and is confident it can have one in the air within the next 10 years! The European airline is working with U.S. startup Wright Electric to build electric planes that can complete shorter trips of 335 miles or less. This is all exciting news when you consider the environmental effects of fuel-based aircraft and the fact that fuel is an airline’s biggest expense. I just hope the savings makes its way down to ticket costs!

How technology has changed news photography over 40 years (Read by Camillia S.)

Sometimes when reading the news, I see a breathtaking image and wonder about the circumstances around the photo: who took it, what was happening during that moment, and how many pictures it took to get that perfect shot. However, rarely do I think about the actual camera and how the technology has transformed the jobs of photographers across the globe. Here you get an inside look into the life of a photographer who has been taking pictures for over 40 years and his take on how smartphones may impact his livelihood as technology becomes more advanced.

Dyson to make electric cars by 2020 (Read by Heidi B.)

Soon a Dyson will clean more than just your living room – it will clean up the world. James Dyson, the same man who invented the infamous bagless vacuum cleaner, recently announced he is investing $2.7 billion into creating an electric car. While details are limited at this time, Dyson has said the cash will be used to develop both the car and its battery, and he hopes the vehicle will hit the market by 2020. While Dyson is headquartered in Britain, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see his green creation driving the streets of the U.S. in a couple of years.

Why you shouldn’t charge your mobile phone overnight (Read by Heidi B.)

As someone who charges her smartphone overnight every single day (oops), this article is a nice wake-up call. You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t leave your phone plugged in after it’s reached a full charge, but do you know why? This story lists out some of the problems caused by overnight charging, including temperature issues, long-term battery capacity loss, and more. I’m currently writing myself a mental note to charge my iPhone before bed. The more you know!

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