Staff picks for the week of July 25, 2016

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Happy Friday! This week we’re talking security, dog selfies, and everything in between. Keep reading to see which stories made the cut for this week’s Staff Picks.

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The dangers of using Wi-Fi at an Airbnb (Read by Alexandria H.)

Most of us know we take a risk every time we connect our personal devices to public Wi-Fi. However, security threats aren’t limited to Wi-Fi accessed coffee shops, supermarkets, and bookstores. Using Wi-Fi provided through home sharing services like Airbnb can leave your sensitive personal information vulnerable as well. As if the damage hackers can do over a wireless network isn’t enough, what they can do with physical access to your router is even more alarming. If you’ve ever considered renting your home out or connecting to Wi-Fi in someone else’s home, read this article first!

A snooze-worthy app collection to add to the smartphone (Read by Camillia S.)

Does anyone get good sleep anymore? With digital distractions at an all-time high, most of us could probably use some quality sleep. Ironically our main digital distraction, the smartphone, offers access to countless sleep monitoring apps that can give insight into our sleep patterns to find out what’s causing our quality of sleep to dip, as well as provide relaxation techniques to make easing into slumber easier. If you’re one of the approximately 70 million Americans suffering from insufficient sleep, consider downloading one of the apps highlighted in this article. Happy snoozing!

Your wireless keyboard could be giving your secrets away (Read by Heidi B.)

Did you score a cheap wireless keyboard? If so, watch out. Cybersecurity agency Bastille has found that the majority of low-cost wireless keyboards can be infiltrated by hackers who could steal valuable information like passwords, credit card numbers, and more. So what can you do? Bastille recommends replacing your keyboard with a Bluetooth-enabled one, since they’re subject to industry standards that standard radio signal keyboards are not.

How to teach your dog to take selfies … and text them to you (Read by Jen P.)

Well, it’s finally happened. Now your dog (or any trainable pet) can take and send selfies. Surprisingly, this isn’t on Kickstarter … yet! The device was rigged up for fun by a coder with a cigar box, a web cam, and a fancy board. This paves the way for animals everywhere to be able to chronical their naps and destructively adorable antics in the near future.

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