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From capturing some of the greatest entertainers in history, to accessing the last 120 years of history, to turning our ideas into reality, or disrupting old ideas, technology continually impacts the way we live, and will only continue to deepen its mark.

Staff Picks

U2 gets flash storage array as data, video needs balloon (Read by Nick G.)

Anyone who grew up in the 80s or 90s knows that U2 was a pretty big deal. And by all signs, they still are. Now on its 15th tour, the band creates terabytes of video per show that is stored for later productions, and until recently that video was stored across a multitude of flash drives kept in a backpack. As someone who reads about data loss daily, I can picture someone swiping the bag and the footage being lost forever (or uploaded to YouTube). As many businesses have realized, there’s a time to step up your tech. Thankfully U2 has upgraded to an EMC flash array to store their video — something that won’t just go missing.

The AP adds 550,000 old newsreel clips to YouTube (Read by Heidi B.)

If you enjoy looking at video footage from back in the day, the AP Archive YouTube channel is for you. The Associated Press and Movietone have partnered to share more than half a million newsreel clips, dating back to 1895, in order to provide a historical “view-on-demand visual encyclopedia.” From international politics to weird and wacky news, the collection features more than 1 million minutes covering all angles of history. Check it out for yourself!

Gigster Does the Dev Dirty Work to Turn Your Idea into an App (Read by Camillia S.)

If you’re anything like me, you have tons of creative ideas but no idea how to get those ideas out of your head and into something tangible. Whether it’s a website, product, or service, Gigster is a full-service development application that takes your idea and turns it into the final product of your dreams. All you need is a vision and some dough. Visionaries are assigned one point of contact while the behind-the-scenes magic takes place. Although Gigster doesn’t specialize in design, it gives you the boost you need to get your startup revved up and ready to go.

Netflix Refines Its DVD Business, Even as Streaming Unit Booms (Read by Ed M.)

The most unbelievable part of “I Am Legend” is that a DVD rental store outlived every human in Manhattan except for Will Smith. Anyone who ever carried a Blockbuster card knows that Netflix was a disruptor years before that label ever went mainstream. Although the company has only a quarter of the DVD subscribers as it did five years ago, Netflix continues to rely heavily on its original core competency of shipping DVDs to and from customers to fund the development, scaling, and promotion of its streaming delivery services. Netflix is using increased efficiency (and profitability) of DVD shipments to more quickly fund the disruption — and ultimate replacement — of the very service on which the company was founded.

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